How To Do Cheshire Cat Makeup? January 25, 2017

Do you want to try out the classic Cheshire Cat makeup this Halloween? You should definitely try out something new for the theme party, but first a good brief is a must. You certainly must have heard about the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland. So, if you have been lucky enough to watch the two movies made by The Walt Disney Company (1951) and Tim Burton (2010), then, you would certainly know how the most famous character, the Cheshire Cat looks like.

This post helps you to wear a Cheshire Cat makeup highlighting its distinguishing features! To know more, read on!

1. Cheshire Cat Makeup – The Walt Disney Style

The Purple And Pink Hair

The hair of the Cheshire Cat in the Disney movie has purple and pink highlights. So, try to find a wig with both these colors. If you cannot find one, just pick up the pink wig and highlight it with purple streaks using temporary purple hair dye. Pick up the layers of hair from different parts and spray the purple dye onto it. Brush when it has dried completely.

Putting On The Makeup

  • Pick up the white liner first and put it on the lower inner corner of the eyes.
  • Then, with the help of a normal eyeshadow brush, apply the purple 24hr Tattoo makeup on both the sides of your nose in large curves.
  • Extend the brush slowly down the nose in straight lines.
  • Make a curve under the brow using the eye shadow brush.
  • Start at the top of the lid’s arc and slowly extend the brush below the end of the brow.
  • Make a shape like a ‘cat eye’ by filling this space between the lower lid extensions and this line.
  • Create two ‘purple lashes’.
  • Try to keep the outer lines crisper for the best effect.
  • Lastly, use your finger to put the purple shadow around, under the nose, and in between the nostrils.
  • Draw the teeth using a white pencil.
  • Make sure that the upper teeth should start on your upper lip.
  • While drawing the teeth, keep in mind that you want to make a general grinning shape.
  • With the help of the black gel liner, fill up the space between the teeth.
  • When the black gel liner has filled the space completely, draw a thin line around the teeth for making the lips with an angular spiral at the corners and two angular dimples.
  • Complete the look of the teeth and the lip by drawing a small crescent just below the lower lip to enhance the grinning effect.
  • Take a normal black eye pencil and use it to do a heavy liner extending to the inner corner close to the purple line of the nose and the outer corner near the purple base of the cat eye.
  • Make sure that the inner eye white line, which you applied in the beginning, is still clearly visible. Only then can you achieve the real cat eye look.
  • Apply normal black lashes to the lower lid and purple lashes to the upper lid. Make sure that both the lashes are curved in a similar way so that you do not have any problem while blinking with these crazy lashes.

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2. Cheshire Cat Makeup – The Tim Burton Style

You will love trying out this Tim Burton Cheshire cat makeup, as it is more creative and amusing.

Concealing The Brows

  • You can use a Gluestick Technique to cover the brows.
  • But if you do not have one, you can use the combination of darker and lighter concealer along with some amount of flesh-toned powder.
  • Make sure that the brows are mostly covered, if not covered completely.

Color The Brows Pink

  • For that iconic pink look of the Cheshire Cat, fill the shape of the brows using a highly pigmented pink eye shadow. You can also try using a pink lipstick.
  • Use a wet paper towel or makeup wipes to clean up any eye shadow or concealer traces that may have fallen out.

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Eye Shadow And Contouring

  • Blend pink blush into your hairline and all around the face.
  • Choose from the various purple shades for building a color bridge down the nose, under the nose and its tip and also to blend into the eyelid.
  • Now, blend the pink eyeshadow with the purple one and also into the inner eyelid corners.
  • Use a blending brush; apply the black eyeshadow lightly into the outer eyelid corners.
  • Using your black eyeliner, create a winged cat eye. Try using gel liner for better results.
  • To enhance the cat-like effect, extend the eyeliner past the eye’s inner corners and also down the edge of the nose.
  • Add mascara.

Making Whiskers

  • With the help of a round tip brush, make three dots near the nose.
  • Now with a black eyeliner pencil or an angled brush draw the curvy lines just near the dots.

For The Funnier Look

  • Draw a long line from one cheek to the other using a black eyeliner pencil.
  • Draw another line extending below the mouth.
  • Finally draw a line in the middle of the face starting from the outer mouth corners and connecting at the end.
  • For creating the teeth, use a white eyeliner pencil and draw the teeth at the bottom and the top.
  • Thicken the outer lines and fill up the teeth spaces in between with the black eyeliner pencil.
  • Apply the pink blush in various places on the face.

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Doing the Nose

  • Use a sanitized pink lipstick color for the tip of your nose.
  • Outline it with the black eyeliner pencil.

There you go – The perfect Cheshire Cat makeup for the Halloween party or even for a costume or an amusing theme party. Now that you know how to do Cheshire Cat makeup perfectly, what are you waiting for?  Tell us how you liked this post. Do comment in the box below.

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