Perfect pair of eyebrows says a lot about its owner! They define the face and add beauty to it. Eye brows should always be groomed keeping in mind the face shape, age and preferences. But with busy schedules and hectic work hours, we hardly have time to go to the parlor to get our eye brows done. Even for those who have time, wouldn’t it better if you could do your eyebrows at home? If you think you will need a lot of skills for it – think again because with a tiny bit of practice, you will master the art and can do your own and anyone else’s eyebrows in a jiffy.

Before threading eyebrows, you need to determine which eye brow shape would suit you the most and to determine this you need to know which face shape you have.  The face shape plays a very important role in determining what type of brows would suit you.

Here’s a quick way to determine how you can go ahead with threading eyebrows:

Eyebrow Threading At Home

Eyebrow threading shapes

Round shaped face:

If you have a round face shape, then the eyebrows threading should be such that the brows are arched and are as high as possible. This trick will make the face seem less full and longer.

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Oval shaped face:

Oval face shape is the most desired face shape and it is also preferred as this face shape that can carry any style with ease. So there is no worry for those who have it. It is better to keep the brows medium thick and keep the arch slightly sharp.

Square shaped face:

If you are square face shaped, then you have more or less the same width at the forehead as well as the chin. So the basic goal when doing eye brows is that you need to keep the arch high but not very high. Keep a slight curve and the thickness medium to achieve the best look for your face shape.

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Long shaped face:

If you have a long face, then you will have to realize that as the face is already long we need to make it appear a bit shorter. The best way to create the illusion of a shorter face is to have a flat brow, with slight downward curve or you may just keep it plain straight. This will help in making the face look shorter. The flat brow will make the face appear less long and more proportionate.

Diamond shaped face:

If you have a diamond shaped face, then you will have to keep in mind that your forehead is the widest part of the head. For this we need to make it appear less obvious. Create an ‘S’ shaped brow which has a slight upward curve at the beginning. Keep the arch high but not unnaturally high.

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  • Ishani

    Hi Shabby.. this is a very nice, informative post.. which every lady should be aware of. Each face shape really needs a diff eyebrow shape.. one shape wont suit the others.. excellent post.. thnks for sharing.. :)

    • Shabby

      You are most welcome Ishani. I really agree with you, we have a very misconception about eye brows. Each face shape needs a different eyebrow.

  • Iraa

    My sis does it her self.. she tried teaching me.. but im unable to do it.. il try in few days.. the way you have directed.. lets c if im able to do it.. :)

    • Shabby

      I am sure with a little practice one can do it. I tried it two three times and on the fourth time I was at ease. Keep trying and for best results follow the steps above so that you get the best results.

  • Devika

    very informative article.. really well explained.. will try removing extras atleast.. then will be able to do it completely with shape and all.. :)

    • Shabby

      Yes, Do try it Devika. First it may feel hard but later on you will feel more at ease.

  • Gurleen

    Eye brow threading at home? I Think it might be very difficult to do it as even if any one thing goes wrong, the entire shape ruins. dont u think so?

    • Shabby

      That’s why one should always try on other areas like I practiced on my thigh area so that I am ready to do on the eyes. Only try the eyebrow when you feel you are ready and have practiced enough

  • Akisha

    At the salon, they make me hold my eyebrow to stretch it out. Is that necessary to do when you thread your own eyebrows?

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Akisha, while threading the skin is stretched at place where you are threading to make the process easy and it will hurt less.