Groomed and well kept hands speak a lot about your personality. Due to regular strenuous jobs, daily chores, washing and cooking sometimes we forget to take care of them. And this negligence causes our hands to become dry, itchy and un-groomed. A trip to the parlor may not be an option for many with stressful jobs, long working hours and due to monetary factors also. But an easy to do manicure at home can save you a lot of time and money all the while giving your hands the spa treated feel.

For those of you who think doing a manicure at home may be stressful and very hard to do, it actually is not. Here is a simple Manicure tutorial for you.

What You Will Need:

Take a small bowl or tub and fill it in with the warm water, a hand soak (if available) or else you may try some of the DIY recipes given here, a hand scrub or any other scrub you may find, a cuticle softener, a hand cream, a cuticle pusher, base coat and top coat, nail polish in your favorite color, nail paint remover, nail brush/ an old tooth brush

How to do a manicure at home?:

Step 1:

The first step would be to arrange a tub/container full of warm water at a place where you will do the soaking. Choose a comfortable space so that you may relax while you soak your hands. Before starting use a nail paint remover to remove any traces of previous nail paint. Wash the hands afterwards in normal water.

Add the hand soak in the water and create bubbles using gentle hand movements in the water. If you do not have a hand soak with you then use any regular body wash for it.  Or use the do it yourself recipes given below:

Milk and honey hand soak:

To get those dry hands feeling soft and silky try this moisturizing hand soak.

You will need: a cup of full cream milk (whole milk) and 3-4 tablespoons of honey, ¾ drops of your favorite essential oil for the relaxing smell

  • Take the milk in a bowl and add the honey in it. Stir for a bit and microwave for 30 seconds.
  • Take the bowl out and test the temperature. The temperature should be bearable and warm.
  • Soak your hands in this amazing soak to get soft hands.
  • Add the essential oils into the mixture once you take it out from the micro oven.

Strengthening hand soak:

To give those nails strength try this hand soak.

What you will need:

2 egg yolks, 1/4th cup of milk and 2 teaspoon of honey.

Take the egg yolks in a small bowl and beat them until it becomes soft. Add the milk and honey and mix again. Using this soak will give strengthen your nails by providing calcium from milk and protein from egg yolk. After soaking the nails for 10 minutes rinse with water and apply cuticle oil.

soaking nails

After soaking, dip the hands in and relax. Try to do this when you have at least 40-45 minutes at hand so that you can relax. Catch up on some tv shows. Anything that you like and will make you relax you is a great option. After the water cools down to the room temperature take the hands out of the tub.

Step 2:

apply cuticle softener to do manicure at home

Now place the hands on a towel or use the towel to gently pat the hands dry. Now apply some cuticle softener to each nail at the root. If you do not have a cuticle softener, use a drop of olive oil on each nail . The cuticle softener will soften the cuticles and you will be able to push them back or cut it as per our choice.

DIY Cuticle Softener:

Cuticle softener can be made at home and stored for future use. Here’s an easy way to make a great cuticle softener:

What you will need: 3 tablespoon of olive oil (you may also use jojoba oil or almond oil), 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon glycerin, essential oil (any variant you like- eucalyptus, lavender, rose)

Heat the olive oil in a bowl in the micro oven or place it in a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, place a large saucepan over the gas, fill it up to half with water and place a small steel katori in it. Place the olive oil in the katori. This will act as a double boiler.

Then add the coconut oil/cocoa butter in the oil when the olive oil starts to get warm. Add the glycerin to it. Use a small spoon to mix the oils carefully .

Remove the mixture from heat and add some drops of your preferred essential oils into the mixture and your cuticle softener is ready. Use the needed amount and store the excess in an old cosmetic jar/ small jar and store in the fridge or a cool place.

Step 3:

If you have hard nails, then this is the best time to cut and shape your nails. The hand soak has made them considerably soft so you may cut it easily. The shape and size is up to each one’s preference. Don’t cut it too short, just keep it at such length that it barely covers the skin underneath. Shape them using a file and remember not to cut the sides too much. If you cut them too much, there may be problems of ingrown nails. Use a glass or metallic nail file or use emery boards to shape your nails. And after shaping to buff them.

Shaping Nails:

Shaping nails

The nail size must be decided keeping in mind the daily lifestyle. Some are used to having long nails and can keep them effortlessly but some need to keep them short. For those who have to keep their nails short, do decide which shape you want your nails to be. A squared tip will look very fashionable and in vogue but it will make the fingers look shorter than usual so if you have short fingers already skip the squared nails and go in for rounded tips.

Always keep in mind to file in one direction only so that you don’t split them. And finish with a buffer to make the surface of the nails smooth. Also use a buffer to make the edges smooth.  But take care not to buff too much as it may damage the nail bed.

Step 4:

cuticle pusher to push the cuticles

Now that the cuticle softener/ oil has been there for more than 5 minutes, it’s time to take care of the cuticles. Take a cotton ball or use a tissue to clean the cuticle oil/ softener from the bases. Do remember that cutting or nipping cuticles may be dangerous for those who are not used to it. So at first it’s best to just push the cuticles back.

These days you may get a cuticle pusher at any beauty store and many companies like vega, audrey, faces have them in various shapes and sizes. Use the slanted or blunt side to gently push the cuticles back .

Step 5:

scrub the hands

After pushing the cuticles back, the next step is to scrub the hands. For this, use a hand scrub to gently scrub away all the dead skin. If you have very hard skin on the hands, then use firm pressure to scrub. Use the fingers to gently assess where there is hardness and gently scrub away the dead skin.

DIY Hand Scrub Recipes:

What you will need: ½ cup sugar, 3 tablespoon olive oil/jojoba oil, 3 tablespoon water , a bowl, 2/3 drops of your favorite essential oil/scent

Take the three ingredients together in a small bowl and add some drops of essential oil/scent into the mixture and stir. Now apply this mixture on hands and rub into skin using circular motions. Do this until you feel your skin is soft enough. If you need to massage more, do it until the sugar dissolves and then rinse hands with water and use a towel to pat dry the hands. Follow up with a cream or lotion.

Diy lemon sugar hand scrub

What you will need: sugar ½ cup, olive oil/jojoba oil, lemon zest, lemon juice, vanilla essence few drops

Take the sugar into an empty jar(use this to store the scrub) and add the oil slowly into the jar so that it holds the shape without being crumbly. Now add the lemon juice and zest to the mixture. Add the vanilla essence at last to finish the scrub. Use the scrub and store the rest in a refrigerator. 

Step 6:

Now take an old brush or a nail scrubber and use it to gently scrub over the nails. The bristles will clean the surface of the nails. Also use the brush to clean the underside of the nails. Keep scrubbing between the nail and the nail bed, under the nails .

Step 7:

massage the hands

Apply foot oil/ massage cream and gently massage the hands. This will be even more relaxing if you have someone to do it for you. Just relax and enjoy the experience. Apply a heavy cream if you have dry hands and wear a hand gloves while you have it on so that you can get the maximum benefits.

Diy hand cream:

1/4th cup of wax (emulsifying)

1/4th cup oil (olive/sunflower/jojoba)

10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil or mix two variants for your own unique flavor

1 and 1/4th cup water (filtered)

  • Use a heat safe microwave bowl and add the oil and wax together.
  • Use microwave to heat it for 2 minutes (until wax melt).
  • Add the essential oil into the mixture.
  • Now in another bowl microwave the filtered water for 1 minute on high settings.
  • Now add the water to the oil and wax mixture and it will turn opaque. If not reheat the entire mixture and whisk until soft and creamy.
  • Store into lean jar for future use.

After the massage just rub the nails with nail polish remover to remove any traces of moisturizer/ oil

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DIY Moisturizing Hand Cream:

If you have super dry hands try this.

What you will need: lanolin and olive oil in equal quantity, vitamin e capsules, a clean jar to store

  • Use same amounts of lanolin and olive oil in a small katori.
  • Place this katori within a larger pot of water.
  • Wait till the mixture has melted and add the vitamin e capsule.
  • Stir gently and take off from the heat and let the mixture cool.
  • Then store in a jar and use as needed.

Lanolin is used in a lot of pharmaceutical products and is derived from sheep. Some may be allergic to it, so do check beforehand on skin. Olive oil is known to have polyphenol as well as antioxidants which helps slow down the aging process. Vitamin e has antioxidants and helps the body tissues to retain. 

Step 8:

paint your nails

Now it’s the best part. Take the favorite shade of nail paint and paint your nails. First apply a base coat and wait for it to dry, next comes the nail paint. Apply a layer on the nails and wait for it to dry. Use small strokes to do the nails.  After the first coat has dried, apply another coat to intensify the color. And if you have done the session at night, you may wear a pair of cotton gloves so that the hands are moisturized even more. Wake up to a beautiful and healthy pair of hands.

It is an undeniable fact that women always desire to look her best in all aspects. In this post, we have covered an exhaustive list of expert tips on manicure at home. These are the tips we received through conducting an expert roundup.

Expert Tips on Manicure At Home:

Manicure At Home

1. Anita:Anita

1. Apply extra virgin olive oil on the cuticles twice a day as it acts a great moisturizer. A lot of over the counter products when applied nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

2. Avoid any type of razors when removing calloused skin. It may work fast but this causes uneven skin that will grow back in worse shape. Swedish Clover Fot file is still my favorite even 25 years later…!

3. Peroxide is a great anti fungal when sprayed on athlete’s foot. Spraying twice a day after showering is considered most effective.

Anita Allen:

2. Kristen:Kristen

1. Nail section: Make sure to file your nails first before you start soaking the nails. Filling wet nails can sometimes cause splitting because they are so flexible after soaking.

2. Cuticles: If you don’t have cuticle softener at home you can just use your everyday hand/body cream. Apply to all the cuticles and relax and let them soak. Gently push back all cuticles and trim and dead skin with your cuticle nippers.

3. Polish: Polishing your nails is kinda like making a sandwich… need a base coat (the bread), applying one will avoid the colour staining the nail, a great colour (the meat), and then a nice shiny top coat (the bread) to extend your manicure applying another coat of a top coat 2-3 days after application will make the nails shiny and new again. This will get you a few more days wear out of your manicure. If you’re not a professional no worries any polish you get on the skin just use a q-tip with some nail polish remover to erase any signs of polish.


3. Laura:Laura

I would suggest using nailtiques formula 2 for thin, weak peeling nails. The protein really strengthens the nails within 3-4 weeks.

I would suggest Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream for skin that is dry and cracked skin between your fingers. This will work within 2-3 days.

For cuticles I would recommend Almond oil or naltiques cuticle oil to prevent dryness.


4. Chelsea King:Chelsea King

1. Always be sure to properly prep your nails before applying polish, this will keep your polish from chipping quickly! I always dehydrate with acetone and add a coat of base color, 2 coats of polish, and a top coat.

2. Clean up excess polish around the cuticles with a small brush dipped in polish remover. I use an old angled eyeliner brush! This definitely makes your at home many look more professional.

3. Moisturizing makes all the difference! Every night before bed I apply cuticle oil and a hand cream. Moisturizing will keep your nails looking beautiful and also helps polish stay on longer!

Chelsea King:

5. Leslie Henry:Leslie Henry

1. Start with a good base: Residual moisturizer will prevent polish from fully adhering to the nail. Wash your hands and then swipe polish remover over each nail bed before applying polish. Use a lint free pad or paper towel to avoid depositing cotton ball fibers which can wreck application.

2. Clean up: Even the shakiest polisher can get a flawless result! Use a small, inexpensive makeup brush dipped in pure acetone to remove polish from the skin. Focus on achieving an evenly curved line of color at the cuticle – even if it means creating a small space of bare nail along the edge. It gives the illusion of perfectly shaped nail beds.

3. Pay attention to the light: A jagged light reflection on the nail surface can give away an uneven polish job. A second coat of topcoat will even out the polish surface and give the nails a smooth look and a high, gel-like shine. Invest in high quality topcoat and allow coats to dry between applications. Even though it’s clear, topcoat on the skin will reflect light, so polish carefully and clean up if necessary.

Leslie Henry:

6. Jeanie Barbee: Jeanie Barbee

1. Wipe your nails with an alcohol pad before polishing.  It will remove any oils and make your manicures last longer.

2. Always use a basecoat to help your manicure last longer and it will also help keep certain polishes from staining your nails.

3. Wrap the edges with the color and top coat to avoid chipping and to make your manicure look more professional.

Jeanie Barbee:

7. Sarah Waite: Sarah Waite

1. Before painting your nails, carefully trim away any hangnails with cuticle nippers. Never use the nippers to cut live skin.

2. A good base coat and top coat are critical to any manicure! Base coat keeps your polish from chipping while top coat provides seal and shine.

3. After you finish your manicure, finish with a quick swipe of cuticle oil to condition your nails and the skin surrounding them.

Sarah Waite:

Hope these expert tips will certainly help you to achieve that beautiful and healthy nails! We thank each and every beauty expert who shared their ideas with us. Which beauty expert’s tips you are going to include in your routine? Feel free to ask if any queries with us in comments section below!

That’s it! A simple way through a home manicure isn’t? You will find many more ideas on manicure, pedicure, nail arts and designs in nail art app. Just download it and you can try various nail arts for everyday needs.

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