The Untold Story Of Scotch Tape and Winged Eyeliner. Your Beauty Hack For The Day! November 9, 2016


We all love good beauty hacks, and of course, the eyeliner is no exception! If your shaky hand is not helping in making your relationship with your eyeliner work, don’t worry – we’ve gathered 8 hacks using which newbies can also master the Cat-Eye!

1. Connect The Dots

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If you’re not a pro in drawing perfect flicks in one go, try to draw a line of dots or short strokes and later blend them with an eyeliner smudger.

Make sure the dots aren’t too big!

2. The Business Card Flick

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This is one of the easiest tricks for beginners!

Take the long edge of a business card and hold it diagonally against the corner of your eye. Use the edge to draw the perfect flick. Line the rest of your eye and connect it to the flick you created just now!

3. Use A Spoon To Perfect The Cat-Eye

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You can now get the perfect cat-eye by just using the handle and curves of the spoon.

Use the handle to draw an angled line and the curve to create the shape. Fill in to finish the flick. As simple as that!

You can check out this video for further help:

4. The Scotch Tape Hack

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To start with this hack, grab your liquid liner and an inch of scotch tape. Put the tape on your hand and remove it a couple of times to dull some of its adhesiveness (and of course, the delicate skin around your eyes will thank you).

Now place the tape under your eye and angle it towards your temple (make sure it’s not too high).

Place your pinky on the cheeks and steadily draw a stripe from the middle of your eye to the outer corner. Keep drawing the line but make sure the liner gradually gets thinner. It’s ok if the liner is leaking on the tape! Finish the liner by going back to the middle of your eye and sketch inwards.

Your eyes will now look balanced and distinguished.

5. Try To Tilt

Try To Tilt Pinit

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If you’re facing trouble in creating symmetrical flicks, you can try this trick:

Tilt your chin up and create the wings on both sides. By looking down at the mirror, check whether the wings are symmetrical or not. You’ll have a clearer view of the flick by doing so. If you need to make any corrections, make it with the Q-Tip and trace the rest of your liner along your lash line.

6. Freeze It Out

What could be worse than a crumbly and melted eyeliner?

Relax! We have a super-easy fix for it!

If you find your eyeliner crumbly, freeze it for 10-15 minutes before applying. By doing so, the tip of your pencil will become hard, and it will be much easier for you to apply.

7. Trace It Over

Trace It Over Pinit

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If you’ve not yet become friends with your liquid liner, not to fear- you can still get the perfect flick with ease.

How? Apply your pencil eyeliner as you’d do normally and then trace it over with a liquid liner. The pencil will act as a base for your liquid liner.

8. The Wet Brush Hack

The Wet Brush Hack Pinit

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For the perfect flick, try this trick.

Apply your pencil liner as you usually do along your lash line. Dip an angled eyeliner brush in water, brush off the excess moisture, and drag out this damp brush along the end of your pencil eyeliner.

Voila! Perfectly symmetrical cat eyes!

This concludes the winged-eyeliner hacks! Hope you find this guide useful. Do share your views on the aforementioned tricks! We would love to hear from you.

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Video On How To Draw Winged Eyeliner

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    My hands are always shaky while i try to apply mascara… i ll try out these tricks, hope this works for me !