Hair is your richest ornament.

Our hair is an extension of our personality. People with naturally thick hair are truly blessed. They are envied by those who don’t have them. To have thick hair is greatbut to maintain the same not so much.

It’s more like a blessing in disguise! You sure would wonder why? Simply put, it tends to attract more dirt and grime. Washing and styling voluminous hair is nothing short of a hassle. But then, thick hair can gorgeously transform one’s appearance – without too much effort. That makes it worth all the trouble.

After a certain age, it gets difficult to grow hair. However regular intake of certain Vitamins and following a fewhair care routines can help you grow thick hair.

Tips for Thick Hair Growth

Tip 1: Get to know your hair

It is extremely crucial for you to understand the cycle of your hair. There are three stages to your hair cycle: Anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen – When a fresh strand is formed in the follicle.

Catagen – When the lower two thirds of the hair is destroyed.

Telogen – When the hair enters the resting phase waiting to be pushed out by the fresh strand growing in the follicle.

The last phase ‘telogen’ is when the hair falls out. Generally, around 10 to 15% of our hair is in its last phase. But due to various factors, sometimes a majority tends to jump to the telogen phase. This is when we face hair loss problems and hair thinning too.

Tip 2: Get to the root

If you experience a lot of hair thinning and hair fall, consult a specialist immediately. Let the doctor get to the root and solve the problem. There can be various causes behind your problem. Taking professional help will help you identify your exact problem and control it at the earliest.

Tip 3: Eat healthy

Excess hair fall and fast hair thinning, both are indications of poor health. It is also an indication for you to start eating right. Pay more attention to what you eat. Include more of Vitamin A,B, C & E-rich foods in your diet. Protein, iron and zinc must also be included.

Vitamin E is particularly essential for hair growth. Consult your doctor to prescribe Vitamin E tablets for you. Vitamin B complex has 3 different vitamins. These vitamins too can be of great aid in hair growth.

Tip 4: Massage scalp regularly

Regular massage is a must for healthy hair. The blood circulation, due to massage, helps carry the nutrients to the scalp. Plus it’s a great stress reliever too. Use simple coconut oil or use a mixture of different oils like jojoba and almond.

Oils enriched with herbs give your hair strength and stimulates blood circulation. Together it helps you grow thicker hair.

Ingredients – Herbal Hair Oil Made From Herbs:

Coconut oil, fenugreek seeds and various other herbs.

This herbal oil allows oxygen into the hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation. Coconut oil does the job of a good conditioner.

Tip 5: Regular hair wash and conditioning

Most of us rely on packs and other expensive hair treatments to do the trick for us. But we tend to neglect the most important and simple fact. Thick hair means healthy hair. And healthy hair means clean hair.

Dirt and pollution are the worst agents of hair damage. Wash your hair at least twice every week. If you have oily hair, wash as frequently as required to control oil secretion.

Using the right shampoo is a must. Always pick the one that suits your hair needs, based on your hair type. It should be mild to avoid ripping of natural oils from hair.

Conditioning is equally vital. Whether you have oily, dry or normal hair, always use a conditioner after the wash. Conditioning basically puts the moisture lost during the wash back and locks it in. It adds to its elasticity, strengthens and improves overall hair health.

We know finding the right shampoo and conditioner is a big task. Brands are also misleading at times. Many a times, these shampoos and conditioners do more harm than good. Here’s what you can do to save yourself the horror. Replace your branded shampoo and conditioner with homemade shampoo and conditioner. Here is a quick recipe for starters.

Homemade Shampoo:

Before sharing the recipe, let me give you two reasons (from an otherwise huge list) as to why you should try this homemade shampoo.

  • You will know exactly what you are using on your hair and in what quantity.
  • It is pocket-friendly. 

To make this shampoo, you would need:

  • 1 tbsp of Baking soda
  • 1 cup of Water
  • Container


  • Mix both ingredients in equal measure into the container.
  • Keep repeating the process till the container is full.

To Use:

  • Squirt the liquid gently on to the scalp and hair.
  • Massage the scalp well to remove all dirt for a minute or two.

Follow it up with a thorough rinse.

Homemade Conditioner:

This conditioner is unconventional and simple. You might not get a creamy texture like the ones available in the markets. But try it for just one reason – its effectiveness.

To make this conditioner, you would need:

  • 1 tbsp apple cedar vinegar
  • 1 cup Water
  • Container


  • Mix equal amounts of both ingredients into the container.
  • Keep doubling the amount till the container is full.
  • Use a squirt bottle for ease in both storage and usage.

To use:

  • Squirt a little conditioner onto your palms.
  • Using your hands, massage it well onto your hair
  • Make sure you apply it only from mid way to bottom of your hair. Do not apply it on your scalp.
  • Now keep massaging it well for a minute or two
  • Follow it up with a thorough rinse.

Don’t worry, your hair will not smell of vinegar. All you see is beautiful hair.

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Tip 6: Deep conditioning

Our hair, like the rest of the body, needs that extra attention to stay youthful and healthy. It requires pampering once in a while. And this is why deep conditioning is a must.

Here is an easy hair mask recipe. After a shower, lather on the mask and wrap a towel around your hair for 20 minutes before washing it off.

To make this hair mask, you would need:

  • Egg
  • Oil
  • Conditioner


  • Mix the oil, egg and any conditioner properly in a container or bowl
  • Apply it evenly and generously onto your hair
  • Leave it on for an hour
  • Wash off thoroughly with a mild shampoo and let your hair dry naturally.

Tip 7: Stay away from heat, excessive styling and chemicals

Excess heat damages hair, period. Using too much of styling products, chemicals and heat are main reasons of hair loss. It reduces thickness and the hair loses its sheen, making it appear dull and dry. Avoid using straightening/curling machines. Try and limit blow drying your hair. If you have to straighten or curl your hair, try using natural methods that are less harmful and damaging.

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Tip 8: Volumnize

Using right products can add volume to your hair. Make sure you use products that are formulated especially for this purpose. Regular use, over a period of time will see a good change in your hair strength and quality.

Here is a list of products that you may try using for adding volume.

  1. Matrix Biolage Full-Lift Volumizing Shampoo
  2. L’oreal Professional Volume Extreme
  3. Toni and Guy Wella Enrich Volumizing Shampoo

While these products are really good to use, you can also try a homemade alternative. Home made products are not only good to use but pocket-friendly too. So don’t just sit there in amusement, start noting.

Homemade Hair Volumnizer

Just the way yeast adds volume to bread dough, the yeast present in beer adds volume to your hair. You sure must have heard of beer as a great conditioner, but it is equally good as a volumnizer.

To make homemade volumnizer, you would need:

  • 1 can of regular beer
  • 1/4th cup of water
  • Spray bottle container


  • Mix beer and water together
  • Now add 1 tbsp of lemon or lime juice to this mixture, to mask the smell of the beer
  • And your hair volumnizer is ready to use!

To use:

  • Spray a generous amount of the mixture onto the roots of your hair
  • Style like you always do

The results will be just as amazing as any other volumizing leave in conditioner available in the market!

Tip 9: Place the colours right

Certain colours, when added to the right layers and sections as highlights, can give an illusion of more volume. Find a stylist who is good with highlights and get your hair highlighted to add volume.

Tip 10: Trim your hair regularly

Split ends and dry tips are terrible for your hair. It takes the glamour away from the hair. Trimming your hair regularly allows your hair to grow as much as it can. Ideally you must go for a trim at least once in every three months.

Follow these precautionary steps to lessen the impact of everyday damage due to wear and tear.

Tip 11: Protect your hair

While travelling or while going out in the sun, keep your hair covered as far as possible. Covering your hair will protect it from the harsh sunlight and damaging pollution.

Tip 12: Learn to dry your hair properly

Always pat dry your hair. Do not rub it vigorously or you will end up damaging it. It is always best advised to let your hair dry naturally.

Tip 13: Use the right comb

There’s a reason why shampoo combs are called so. A wide tooth comb is perfect for wet hair. Remember, combs are better than brushes any day!

Try to follow these tips every day and form a basic hair care routine.Identify your hair type and make a routine, best suited for your hair and lifestyle.

Have more tips and ideas for thick hair? Let us know about it in the comments segment below. Remember, hair is our richest ornament. Protect it.

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