10 Simple Tips To Grow Nails Faster May 27, 2015

Want your nails to grow faster? Enough with the slow nail growth? Let me take you deeper into the secret of nail growth!

On an average it is seen that finger nails grow at the rate of 1 ½ inches a year. But there are certain other growth related things like nails have a tendency to grow faster in hot climates, on the other hand when you are sick or on a crash diet your nails will grow at a slow rate. At the same time, the length of the finger also matters. The nail of your longest finger, i.e. middle finger, grows the fastest while that of your little finger grows the slowest! These facts are not something that make you happy are they? Then keep reading.

Here are a few tips on how to grow nails fast and naturally!

1. Diet And It’s Effects:

Crash diet is something which many of us do, it’s neither healthy nor is recommended. Still if you are on a diet and still want good nails, then do not compromise on your protein intake. Take lean meats, chicken and low fat cheese, eggs and low fat yogurt. If you stay alone and like the simple ways of protein intake, then take a protein shake made with milk and a raw egg (yuk but you can do that ) and take a multi vitamin capsule every day.

2. Milk:

Milk and eggs (at least one each day) helps building tissues and helps in the calcium requirement of the body. Very good for nails and bones growth.

3. Vitamin A:

It has been shown to help fingernails grow faster. Include carrots apples and apricots as they are rich in vitamin A.

4. Vitamin C:

Production of collagen is essential and this can be done if you consume orange juice on a regular basis, since it contains high amount of vitamin C.

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5. Get Blood Flowing To Your Nails:

The more work you do with your nails like that of a pianist or a tailor, the more blood will flow towards the nails and the more faster they will grow. Even rubbing fingernails against one another increase the blood flow. (Yes, the very same that Baba Ram Dev advocates.)

6. Use Good Quality Nail Polish:

Go for good brands and nutrient enriched polishes. Do not use ordinary brands as they may take away the shine of the nails.

7. Manicures On A Regular Basis:

Keep nails clean and do regular manicures. Rubbing garlic on to nails has shown to generate faster nail growth.

8. Wear A Base Coat:

if you don’t want to wear nail paints or is restricted to wear them at your office. Polish coat helps provide a layer of strength so better not keep nails without any polish. At least apply a base coat to provide strength to your nails.

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9. Keep Nails In A Good Shape:

Do not keep nails in a bad shape, do not overdo with emery boards. Do not forget to shine nails and keep them in a shape like rectangular with oval sides which prevent them from breaking.

10. Use Good Quality Removers:

Specifically speaking, ones that do not contain a lot of acetone as acetone ruins your nails in the long run,