How to keep skin Hydrated while Flying!!! May 20, 2015

Air cabins lack moisture and oxygen to a certain extent which makes dry skin or normal skin drier and oily skin even more oilier since when skin looses it’s moisture it tries to compensate it by producing more oils. Here are a few tips which can save your skin and your happiness while on a flight journey.

Skin Hydration  – How to Keep Skin Hydrated

Here are the best tips and tricks that help to fight against the over dried skin and give you baby soft skin.

Preparing the skin For the Flight:

Since the air plane cabins lack moisture,  you need to lock into your skin with as much hydration and moisture as possible before boarding a flight. Use skin serums or look for light skin lotions containing these ingredients like Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone and Hyaluronic Acid. Do not forget to apply the sunscreen to seal in your skin’s newly found moisture after using the skin serum.

Since at airplane you will be much nearer to the sun than on land, UV Damage is also gonna increase, though you may not face the sun directly but UVA and UVB rays can penetrate through the air and window glasses.

While in the flight :

Try not to sit on a window seat, and try closing the shade while on flight , so that you get lesser to lesser amounts of rays on to yourself. Do not mist your skin with hydrating spray while on flight. It’s great when you’re not on flight but when on it , you SHOULD NOT do it , because the air of the flight is dry and since water attracts water, the little molecules of water of dry air  will try to rip off and take away the water particles on your skin that you are spraying and inturn take away and fly off with all the inner layer moistures of the skin making it even drier. So leave the skin as it is.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water while on flight as it will keep skin hydrated from inside.

 After The Flight:

After arriving at your destination , your hotel room, immediately scrub off the dead deposited cells with a mild scrub and face wash , immediately after that, apply a refreshing cooling gel mask for atleast 15 minutes (Gel mask since it will lock in the moisture that the skin has lost while on flight). Follow up with toning and conditioning to get back the skin’s brightness, thus keeping skin hydrated.

Here are some other easy tips to keep skin hydrated while on flight:

Eat healthy snacks:

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and salty foods. They cause swollen eyes and dehydrate your skin completely. Rather, drink more amounts of water.

Treat lips:

Lips are sensitive parts next to eyes and they easily get chapped. Carry a tinted balm and keep applying it when lips turn dry.


Keep applying moisturizer to hands, elbow and any other skin when they dry up.

This is how to keep skin hydrated by following these above mentioned tips strictly. Preparing the skin before flight journey, while in the flight and after the flight are all important to keep the skin healthy and fresh.

If you have any more tips for skin hydration, do share with us by your comments below.