The hair colour you wish to flaunt can be a very tricky situation. It can instantaneously transform your look from fabulous to disastrous. How to choose the best hair colour for skin tone? If you want to know, then stay tuned and go through the article.

You have a natural factor in the genes that determine your hair, eye and skin colour. This factor determines how your skin will change its colour depending on the weather so you need to be very careful while choosing a colour for your hair.

Tips to Choose Best Hair Colour for Skin Tone

1. Check if you are warm toned or cool toned person. To check if you are warm or cool, check your wrist in normal sunlight. If the wrists’ inner part looks green then you are warm toned, if blue then you are cool toned.

  • If you have golden – yellow undertones in your skin, then hair colour which have warm overtones will look good on you. Copper blonde colour is one such colour.
  • If you have pink – white undertones for your skin then you are cool toned person. Cool overtone colours will look good on you. Golden brown is one hair colour.

2. If you are extremely pale then don’t go for black or very dark hair colour. It will make you look paler than you already are. Dark hair can also make you look older than you are if out on pale skin toned people.

3. Determine the kind of colours in your outfit that suit your skin tone

  • If you look good in red, orange, golden yellow, green = golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and auburn.
  • If you look good in bluish red, fuchsia, black, royal blue = platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, burgundy and jet black.
  • If you look good in red, purple, charcoal grey, teal = sandy blonde, beige blonde, chocolate brown and mahogany.

4. Your eye colour also plays an important role in determining the colour of hair that will suit your skin tone.

  • People with hazel, green and brown eyes can go for warm overtones in colours. Golden blonde, golden brown and burgundy are some of them
  • People with blue or gray eyes can go for cool overtones in hair colour. Platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, blonde colours will suit these people more.

5. If you are thinking of dying hair into non-natural colours such as purple, blue, and green, think about how this might clash with your current wardrobe and jewellery. Also, it should go with the dress code at work or school.

The brightest of all the colours is Red. If you are thinking of colouring your hair red then you might as well streak it and not colour it totally. That works perfectly.

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Some More Easy Hair Colour Tips

  • If you already have a tinge of brown on your hair, as some girls are born with, and have a fair complexion, then go for red streaks on your hair, you will look awesome.
  • The same goes for people having a darker skin tone, using burgundy or brown will ruin your looks for good. Go for streaks as in Dark red or go for some blond streaks. It’s best to go for you, not to go in for full hair color, since your skin tone is darker.

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  • If you do have a dark skin tone, lets say very dark like African Americans, then and still want to go in for full hair color, or lets say you suffer from grey hair and want full coverage, then choose a subtle blonde color , which is between brown and blonde but not total blond, a suppressed blond
  • If you have wheatish complexion, well we Indians love playing with our hair colors, you can do streaks of red/ or / blue on your hair, or go in for a burgundy color or even light brown.
  • Going for a full head blonde or golden can be real difficult to carry like the Amisha Patel disaster ( if anyone can relate back to the years when Amisha patel sported a full long length golden hair and got loads of criticisms ). I mean com’on we are Indians you don’t really need to go in for being blondies , you can play with reds, browns , light browns, burgundies, actually our options are quite wide to say the least , it’s a good thing right? Appreciate what you are born with!

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Hope you find all these tips on hair colours for your skin tone useful. Go through them once before you take the final call and colour your hair. Stay gorgeous!

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