How To Treat Diabetes With Acupressure January 27, 2017

There is no doubt that diabetes is a dangerous disease. And like any disease, it can be treated, and can even be prevented altogether. But, are medicines the only way to do this?

Not really. There is another effective method that can help anyone get considerable relief from this ailment. And it is the method of acupressure we are talking about.

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Acupressure And Diabetes – A Brief

There is a great demand for natural, holistic, alternate treatments for common diseases that are haunting people across the world. These diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and so on, can be managed by acupressure as well. In acupressure, you are using nothing external, but only re-routing the energy that is coursing throughout your body.

Diabetes is essentially of two types. In Type 1, the pancreas fails to produce an adequate amount of insulin to digest the sugar you take in. These people need to take regular injections of insulin to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

In Type 2, cells become insulin resistant, so they cannot digest the sugar in the blood. Another type of diabetes is gestational diabetes. When women are pregnant, there is a need for extra insulin. If their pancreas fails to produce this required extra amount of insulin, they have more chances of developing diabetes.

Finding The Best Acupressure Points For Diabetes:

There are various acupressure points throughout the body, and massaging them can keep diabetes in check. Although it sounds easy, finding acupressure points is an art, and one can take years to master it.

Another interesting thing about these pressure points is the symmetry. If you can locate a pressure point on the right side of your body, you are bound to find the exact location also on the left side of your body. To begin with, start applying pressure on the top of your arm with the other hand. Slowly descend. You’ll easily realize you have hit a pressure point because you will feel a flooding relief to a soreness or pain.

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One of the most important acupressure points for diabetes is the ‘Liver 3 acupressure point’, which is placed about a centimeter before the joint of the big toe and the second toe. Massage this point on both the feet to control blood pressure. You can also apply pressure on either side of the big toe and massage for the same effect. Another pressure point for diabetes is the Kidney 3 acupressure point present on the inner side of the foot. The last point is the ‘Stomach 40 acupressure point’, which is roughly eight fingers over the external malleolus on the front side of the lower leg.


There is an acupressure point right below the knee, about 2 centimeters below the kneecap. Put pressure on this point on either leg using your index, middle and ring fingers, and gently massage in a circular motion for five minutes every day. This helps in balancing the digestive system and helps in curbing diabetes. It is also beneficial for those who have arthritis.


There are multiple acupressure points for diabetes on hand. Firstly, the joint between the thumb and index finger can be massaged for 5 minutes every day to help treat diabetes. When you massage this, you will feel energetic and experience relief in the large intestine. The area on the wrist right below the little finger is a pressure point for diabetes. Massage this regularly to reduce stress and emotional instability along with diabetes.

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Just above the calf there is a pressure point that is in front of the knee acupressure point. It connects to the urinary bladder and helps in removing toxins from the body. Urination is a problem for diabetic people, so massaging this point helps in curbing such problems.

Acupressure, and how it can help diabetics is currently being researched throughout the world. A group of scientists at the University of California is doing clinical trials to find out how this treatment affects painful diabetic neuropathy (1).  Another study showed that acupressure therapy inhibits the development of diabetic complications in Chinese Type 2 diabetes patients (2) The effect of acupressure on antioxidative systems in high-risk diabetes patients have also been studied.

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