How To Use Avocado Oil For Acne? February 5, 2016

Is acne robbing off your peace of mind? Have you been using various OTC medications only to be left disappointed with no results? Then you probably must look for avocado oil, which has amazing properties that can help treat acne.

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Acne – An Overview

It is hard to find a person who has never dealt with an acne outbreak in their life. Both men and women of various races and ethnicities get affected by acne. In fact, it is a part of adolescence for a majority of the people (1).

Acne is not exactly a disease, but a skin condition that affects mostly facial skin and other sections like the neck. While acne does not usually lead to serious health and skin issues, it can be quite annoying, and for some people, rather embarrassing. It goes without saying that choosing the right acne solution is important, irrespective of your age or gender.

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Why Opt For Avocado Oil For Acne?

It may seem a little unusual for some people to think that plant oil can be used to treat acne. However, the reality is that using natural products like avocado oil helps in treating skin conditions better than several OTC solutions. Many OTC acne treatment products are laced with strong chemicals and using them can actually worsen acne or lead to other skin issues. On the contrary, avocado oil is replete with nutrients and using it properly can help clear acne and remove the scars caused by it.

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Using Avocado Oil For Acne Relief

Is avocado oil good for acne prone skin? Avocado oil contains nutrients and ingredients that are really beneficial for the human skin. This is an excellent natural moisturizer to begin with. It contains monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid (2). It does not contain much of polyunsaturated fat, which actually can lead to situations leading to acne formation. Applying this oil to your skin can help boost skin cell renewal (3). Dead skin cells fall off the skin, thereby leaving the way for new cells. This helps eliminate acne. Besides, this effect also helps evade acne scars faster.

There is more than one way you can use this oil to treat acne breakouts. You should ideally use cold pressed and organic avocado oil for the desired results.

  1. You can use the oil topically. For this, you will need to blend avocado oil with a small amount of castor oil in a pot. Now, dip a cotton ball in the oil mixture and apply it on the acne spots on the face and other parts of the body. Let the skin soak the oil for some time. Wash your face with a light medicated soap after some time. Alternatively, you may apply it on the skin before hitting the bed at night and let it soak overnight. This can be done every day for a week or until you see the results.
  1. To let avocado oil work better on acne affected skin, you may do something more. After applying the oil on the acne spots on your face, sit in the bathroom and fill the bathtub with hot water. The vapor will help open up the clogged skin pores, and the oil will seep in easily.
  1. You may use avocado oil internally for acne relief and other health benefits as well. It can easily be used to replace existing cooking oils like safflower or soybean oil. You get a good amount of vitamin E and antioxidants by using this oil for cooking (4). These compounds help thwart skin inflammation and prevent the clogging of pores.

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There is no denying the fact that avocado oil is filled with nutrients and benefits various skin types. However, people with oily or sensitive skin who are suffering from acne should apply it with caution. If you have oily skin, apply a small amount of avocado oil topically and check for any skin reaction. If you have a history of allergy to plant oils, talk with a doctor before trying this oil.

Do not think this remedy is another bogus one! Dozens of people will vouch for the healing properties of avocado oil. So try it today!

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