How To Use Bath Salts? April 13, 2015

Are you looking for pure luxury or a skin care solution? Bath Salts simply put is a two in one solution. But exactly what are bath salts and how can you use them right? That is what this article is all about!

Bath salts are water soluble, inorganic products manufactured to be added to warm water while bathing. Essentially bath salts are made out of magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts), sodium chloride (table salt), sodium hexametaphosphate (calgon, amorphous/glassy sodium metaphosphate), sodium sesquicarbonate, borax and sodium citrate. Fragrances and naturally derived colour is also often added to bath salts. Bath salts have been in use since ancient times and the earliest historical records of the use of bath salts date back to 2700 BCE in China.

Ancient knowledge and remedies have often played an integral part in beauty treatments even in this modern age. However, what has changed is manufacturing, marketing and packaging and the same applies to bathing salts. Today, bath salts are packed in attractive packages and have added colours and different fragrances to promote sales and general attractiveness for the consumer base. It is integral that you do know how to use bath salts before picking up any of the products available at your nearest drugstore.

Now lets talk about how to use bath salts!

Selecting a Suitable Product:

Even while you are shopping for bath salts, it’s integral to remember that you need to select the product that best suits your preferences. With a wide range of bath salts to choose from it is important to thoroughly go through the components and ingredients, fragrances and colours to finally decide on the product that suits you best. Bath salts and the components they are made of are often geared towards certain skin types, so it’s important that you do not pick up a bath salt geared towards dry skin if you do have dry skin or vice versa. Even the colours and fragrances are varied, so select what suits you best.

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Bath Salts for Bath Water:

If you wish to add bath salts to your bath tub, you may be thinking of how much bath salt to use? Simply take a handful and let the bath salts flow out of your hands as you hold them in your palms under a running faucet. It’s best to use lukewarm water as bath salts dissolve effectively at higher temperatures. Depending on their size, bath salts will dissolve quickly once they come in contact with water. However, it’s best to circulate your hands in the water to aid the process. As you find the fragrance from your bath salts rising up with steam, immerse yourself in your bath water; relax and enjoy your bath. It is advisable to finish off with your bath before the water cools down.

Bath Salts for Exfoliation:

If you wish to use bath salts to exfoliate your skin, simply add some water to the salts and massage on to your skin. Be gentle till the grains dissolve on your wet skin. This technique of using bath salts effectively exfoliates the skin and exposes your skin to the natural ingredients of the bath salts if the product you purchased claims to have natural or herbal ingredients that may benefit your skin.

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Suggestions for the usage of Bath Salts:

Do not use bath salts too often as the exfoliating agents in bath salts may have a corrosive effect if overused, which in turn can result in rashes.  It is also important to purchase a product that best suits your skin type as bath salts in some cases may have a drying effect. It is also important to check the ingredients and components of the product you have purchased to ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of the components used.

Have you tried bath salts? Now got to know how to make a salt bath? Don’t forget to add this to your skin care regime. Do leave us a comment!