How To Use Clove Oil To Treat Acne?

How To Use Clove Oil To Treat Acne? October 3, 2017

Have you been through a skin problem that can be as annoying and cumbersome as acne? For a majority of people, acne can be quite a headache. While teenagers are afflicted with acne more than others, adult acne is not unheard of either.

But there is an all-natural ingredient that can help you treat acne at home. It is clove oil we are talking about. Would you like to know more? Keep reading!

Acne – A Brief

Acne appears when hormonal excesses in the body result in a higher than regular sebum production and skin pores get clogged with dirt and sebum (1). Acne appears in many forms and at times can be painful as well. The swelling of the skin, and the bumps and scars left by acne can mar your looks and for some people – it is rather embarrassing.

Acne Treatment Options

You can resort to various methods to get rid of acne nowadays. There are plenty of commercial and OTC acne treatment products you can purchase and use. However, most of these acne products contain chemicals that may lead to further damage of the skin. People with sensitive skin, in particular, should avoid using them. Using solutions made from natural extracts is a better choice. In this regard, you can opt for clove essential oil.

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Why Use Clove Oil For Acne Treatment?

Derived from dried aromatic flowers of the clove plant, clove essential oil is known for its robust antibacterial property (2). The tropical plant oil has a spicy, heavy aroma and a pale yellow hue. It has been found to be toxic to a broad range of bacteria. Its natural anaesthetic property has made the oil popular for use in the field of dentistry for dental pain alleviation (3). Its analgesic and antiseptic properties make the oil ideal for fighting skin infection and the resultant conditions like acne. This oil not only kills the skin impurities and bacteria leading to acne formation, but also reduces the pain caused by cystic acne.

How To Use Clove Oil For Acne

You can use clove oil in a number of ways to get rid of acne. However, under no situations should you use the concentrated oil directly on the skin as it can lead to skin irritation and burning. The oil, in its raw form, is very powerful. You will need to use it after mixing with a suitable and gentler carrier oil. Ideally, you should mix clove oil and carrier oil at a 1:10 ratio. It can be applied on acne twice or thrice a day.

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Following are the ways in which you can use clove oil to treat acne:

1. Clove Oil And Olive Oil

Mixing clove oil and olive oil for application on acne can be useful. You may also use pure coconut oil instead. Let it soak in for 15 minutes or so and then wash it off.

2. Clove Oil And Egg

Mix egg yolk with a few drops of clove oil. Apply it on the acne affected areas on the skin. Let it dry and wash it off with lukewarm water.

3. Clove Oil With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, like clove oil, has strong antibacterial properties, and their mixture can kill the acne-causing bacteria. You may dilute the mix in some Aloe Vera gel to make it milder for the skin.

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Precautions That You Should Take

Applying clove oil to fight and eliminate acne is a good idea, but you should be cautious.

  • No matter what carrier oil you use, do not keep the clove oil mix on your skin for a long time. Wash off with water and pat dry using a soft cloth.
  • People with sensitive skin should do a patch test before applying clove oil on your skin for eradicating acne. It is better to apply it on hand or other body areas before applying on the face to test the skin reaction.
  • If applying the oil leads to any skin complication, you should contact a dermatologist immediately.

Clove oil doesn’t just banish that nasty cold, but also gently treats acne and the scars it leaves behind. This all-natural antiseptic is all that you need to combat a bad case of acne! Bring home your bottle today!

Have you ever used clove oil for acne scars? Tell us how this post has helped you. Do give us your feedback by commenting in the box below.

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