How To Use Garlic Shampoo For Hair Loss? January 20, 2016

Are you suffering from hair loss? Do you wonder if there is any remedy for the problem? Then garlic shampoo is what you should use!

Wondering how it can help cure your hair fall and improve the health of your mane? Keep reading to know more!

Why Use Garlic Shampoo For Resolving Hair Related Problems

Garlic, used mostly as a cooking ingredient in most households, has strong antibacterial and medicinal properties. This is why it was used by ancient civilizations to heal a number of skin ailments and serious diseases (1). Using garlic extract based shampoo can help in healing scalp infections and improving hair health greatly. Nowadays, you can also find deodorized garlic shampoos that eradicate the prospect of the hair smelling pungent! However, when you buy such shampoos, look for the other ingredients and the amount of garlic present in it. This plays a vital role in the efficacy of the product.

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Below Listed Are The Major Benefits Of Using Garlic Shampoo

You can use crushed garlic cloves on the scalp to nourish hair and eliminate hair problems. You may warm some olive or coconut oil and mix a few cloves of crushed garlic in it. Massage the warm oil on the scalp and keep it on for some time. Put a warm and wet towel around the head to let the oil soak into the scalp. After some time, wash hair with a mild shampoo. You can do this two times a week or so.

Apart from applying in a topical way, you can also take in garlic to promote hair growth and eradicate scalp problems from within. You can eat garlic in a number of ways. For example, you can crush garlic cloves and gulp them down with warm milk and honey every day. Garlic can also be mixed with various vegetable and fruit juices, and it can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes.

Using garlic shampoo nourishes your hair and brings shine to it gradually. It also adds volume to lifeless hair. With regular use, your hair becomes stronger, healthier and smooth.

Garlic has potent antibacterial properties (2). So, with the application of garlic shampoo you can get rid of scalp infections and the resultant itching. People with dry and itchy scalp can get long-term relief by using this shampoo.

If you are facing the problem of hair thinning, using garlic shampoo can be helpful. It will help in stimulating hair growth on the scalp. If hair loss is caused by any bacteria, garlic can eliminate it effectively. Its application also improves circulation, and thus, using garlic shampoo on the scalp can stimulate hair follicles.

A lot of women and men end up damaging their hair, often owing to lifestyle and professional needs. Usage of hair color, bleaching agents, and heat drying devices lead to hair damage and split ends. Using garlic shampoo helps you restore hair health in such instances. It also helps wash away harmful chemical residues from the scalp and hair.

Ways To Use Garlic Shampoo

You can use garlic shampoo on hair and scalp thrice a week or so. However, if you need to go out a lot and your hair is becoming dirty and greasy, use one more day per week. Take a small amount of shampoo in your palms, work up a lather and apply on hair. Let it remain on the hair for 3 to 4 minutes; and then rinse off with water. You may follow it up with suitable hair conditioners to get rid of the odor.

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How To Make Garlic Shampoo At Home

If you are not convinced that an OTC garlic shampoo contains quality garlic extract, or if you doubt whether it contains garlic in the required amounts, it is prudent that you try homemade garlic shampoo. It may not be deodorized, but you can always use a fragrant hair conditioner to ward off the strong, pungent smell from the hair.

First of all, you will have to obtain quality garlic. It is best if you can procure fresh organic garlic for making the shampoo at home. You should use purple and big garlic cloves. However, whitish variants will also serve the needs.

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Next, you need to use a shampoo. It is advisable that you use a mild and organic shampoo. Shampoos with chemical ingredients may not let the medicinal properties of garlic work as expected. Choose a shampoo that has natural ingredients like lemon, henna or gooseberry.

Now that you have selected a shampoo, it is time to make a smooth and creamy garlic paste. Take 10 to 15 raw garlic cloves and wash them with clean water to ensure no dirt gets mixed in the shampoo. Peel the cloves well and put them in a mixer grinder. Grind the cloves to make smooth garlic paste. Add a little water to make the paste as creamy as possible. You can mix a small amount of olive oil, peppermint oil and tea tree oil in the paste. This will help ward off the pungent smell of garlic to an extent.

After the paste becomes creamy, mix it with the shampoo well. The consistency will be thick. Pour it in an airtight bottle and store it.

As a matter of fact, you may find traces of garlic in your hair after using this shampoo. Use a fine-toothed comb to eradicate the garlic particles.

Have you ever used garlic shampoo for hair loss? How did it help you? Share your feedback in the comments section given below.

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  • Adam Mathur

    Yes there are quite a few home remedies which can help stop hair fall and this is a very effective technique

  • Enhance Clinics

    Using home based remedies to stop hair loss which was used by our grandmothers are still very effective

  • Balkrishna Thakur

    Can’t we use the juice that’s​ extracted from the garlic paste just to avoid fine garlic particles after​wash?

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Balakrishna, you can go ahead and use the juice that is extracted from the paste.