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How To Use Multani Mitti For Dry Skin?

How To Use Multani Mitti For Dry Skin? October 1, 2017

Multani mitti for drying skin? You may be astonished, but it is true! Multani mitti is as effective for drying skin as it is for the oily one. For curing several problems of skin, multani mitti or fuller’s earth proves to be a miracle. It is true that multani mitti acts as a drying agent when used as face pack. You can make this pack fit for dry skin as well only by adding some extra elements. It is a fantastic cleansing component with excellent absorbent qualities. When applied correctly and in the right proportion on skin, it brings you the same magic.

Multani mitti is one of the most conveniently available beauty products. It is totally natural and affordable. Being wholly natural, you can apply this powder safely, as it does not have any proven side effect on skin. You would be surely able to flaunt a flawless skin very soon if you add this element in your regular beauty regimen. Further, multani mitti would be surely bliss for you if you have skin troubles such as acne and pimples. This stuff is good enough for removing blackheads and whiteheads as well. Check out how multani mitti is useful for you even when you have a dry skin tone.

How To Use Multani Mitti For Dry Skin

Multani Mitti – An Excellent Scrubber

Most people, having dry skin, prefer applying multani mitti when they are troubled with blackheads or whiteheads. This two ugliest spots make skin looking dull and uneven. Applying fuller’s earth comes to offer great help in removing such irritants from skin in natural way. Multani mitti here works as a natural scrubber that directly attacks the heads and bring them out from inside the skin. Thus, if you believe in the natural therapies for skin care, multani mitti is the best choice.

Making a scrub pack with multani mitti is very easy. You would require the below listed things to make a pack.

  • Multani mitti- one table spoon
  • Honey – one tea spoon
  • Rose water – two tea spoons

Mix three of these elements well to make a thick paste of multani mitti scrub. Before you apply the pack, make sure to wash your face with a medicated soap-free face wash. Now, apply the paste evenly on your face and neck. Massage the areas where the heads have grown and leave the face pack for twenty minutes. Later, was off face with luke warm water. You could attain extra better result if you are able to take up vapor into your face while the pack is on. However, avoid this part if you have acne or pimple.

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Multani Mitti for Curing Acne and Pimple

No matter whether oily or dry skin, multani mitti is an excellent natural component for treating acne and pimple. It is funny but true that pimples do not spare people who have dry skin. We have come across many stories whereby girls and boys with dry skins had painful acnes all over their face. Applying multani mitti is a sure shot solution for all of them. This is one of the main multani mitti benefits for dry skin too.

Applying multani mitti helps to kill bacteria that mainly cause acne and pimples. Plus, it also helps removing excessive oil from skin keeping it fresh. Its natural attributes and minerals keep your skin oil–free while retaining the natural moisture of the skin. Besides drying up the excess oil, it also hydrates your skin so that it does not become overly dry.

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If you are looking for a suitableface pack made of multani mitti for dry skin, here is one for you.

  • Multani mitti- two/three table spoons
  • Curd – one table spoon
  • Milk – for making paste
  • Graded cucumber – one tea spoon
  • Graded tomato – one tea spoon

Make a paste of all these elements and apply all over face and neck. Rest of the directions is same as the above face pack told before.

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Try this, and you would surely love to flaunt your skin very soon!


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