Importance Of Proteins For Hair Growth June 23, 2016

Protein intake for our regular diet is mandatory, especially because it is the structural component of our body cells and plays an important role in proper functioning of our system. 

On an average, a person needs between 1.4 to 2.5 ounces of proteins daily. However, depending upon a person’s weight, height, and other factors, it may vary. 

For example, people suffering weak immunity or any disease may require more protein because the body uses this protein to repair damaged tissues and construct new ones. 

Furthermore, protein is vital for our hair too. Protein and growth of healthy and robust hair has a very close relationship. Almost 80% of human hair is composed of a protein, Keratin, which is made up of two amino acids and polypeptide chains joined together. 

Dermatologists at the American Academy of Dermatology say that protein deficiency is one of the main reasons of hair loss and hair thinning. Protein for hair is very important on a daily basis, especially to avoid the risk of hair loss and hair thinning. Protein rich food for hair growth also is among the most important fast hair growth tips listed.  So read below to understand more on proteins for hair growth.

Influence of protein and amino acids on hair growth: 

As mentioned above, human strands are composed largely of proteins, which are made up of amino acids and there are total of twenty such amino acids that take care of the synthesis of essential proteins.

Eleven of these amino acids are naturally produced by our system, while the other nine are supposed to be taken as dietary amino acids, especially if you’re looking to enhance your hair growth. 

These amino acids are called essential amino acids and are known to include Phenylalanine, Valine, Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Histidine Arginine and Lysine Leucine. 

The essential amino acids are a must for hair follicles to maintain hair growth. This means that if the body is lacking in these amino acids, the follicles won’t be able to produce hair fiber, leading to hair thinning or hair loss, which in severe cases, can bring about baldness.

Natural Protein Sources: 

Consuming protein rich diet helps in balancing the protein level in the body. Eating the right kind of proteins helps in facilitating hair growth. 

You can lean to non vegetarian food as well as plant sources to get the right proteins for healthy hair and body. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products are rich animal sources of protein. These are also called “Complete Proteins” because they provide all nine indispensable amino acids in adequate amount. Plant sources include legumes, grains, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

Synthetic Alternatives: 

In addition, there are several protein rich hair products and protein and amino acid supplements available in the market that can stimulate healthy hair growth. 

So, whether you consume protein orally in the in form of food or supplements or you turn to tropical treatment like protein based hair products, the ultimate offshoot will be a head full of string, thick strands. This protein rich food for hair growth will also work to boost the overall health.

proteins and vitamins for hair Pinit

By Tom Varco (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


It is highly recommended to seek advice from a dermatologist or a medical professional before changing your diet or incorporating protein supplements in your routine diet. 

The American Heart Association warns that high protein diet may badly affect some individuals. 

Moreover, along with increasing protein intake, sleeping for at least 6-8 hours, regular workouts and cutting back on physical and mental stress is also equally important for healthy hair growth.

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  • Trishala

    Wow.. good work!! Your article is really apt.. food plays an important role.. Non veg food is the best.. when had in right quantities.. :) nice read.. Thanks for updating us more..

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  • Pushpa

    good food really plays an important role is good hair care.. good food here i mean is healthy food.. and not those health troubling junk food.. :) good informative article.. please do share some other tips if you get to know.. would love to read from style craze.

    • Shaista

      Sure Pushpa, and thanks for your sweet comment :) keep responding :)

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    Hi Shaishta.. your article is really informative.. :) truely said pointers.. right food and supplements are really important like right exercises and hair care regimen.. :) good article..

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  • Puja

    hi i was on a diet and not ate any non vegetarian food from last 7 years and now condition of my hair is very damaged,dry and thin , i think it is due to low protein diet . Now i decided to start eating non veg foods and high protein diet , so i want to know how much time it will take to make y hairs healthy again.

    • StyleCraze

      Hi Puja, According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the standard food guide recommendation for the average individual is set around 46 grams per day for women and 65 grams per day for men. But if you’re constantly exercising and breaking down lean muscle tissue, your required protein intake needs to increase. To make your hair healthy include these food items, such as meat, fish, eggs, most dairy products, and soybeans in your diet. Regular healthy meals will ensure your hair growth however it will take a couple of months. You can also consult a doctor who can help you with your nutritional requirements.