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Why Should You Trim Split Ends?

Why Should You Trim Split Ends? January 31, 2018

Getting your split ends trimmed is an integral part of your hair care routine in order to maintain good health of your hair. Believe me split ends can wreck a havoc to the look and health of your hair. Today, we are going to discuss some simple facts related to trim split ends.

How Trim Split Ends is Important?

Split ends just don’t stop!

Yes, you read right. Split ends just don’t stop; they split into 2, 3 or more and reduce the length of your hair. Split ends seriously restrain the growth of your hair. So getting split ends trim becomes very essential. Don’t ever be careless about split ends, they split more and more and spoil beauty of your hair.

Uneven pigmentation

Have you ever noticed your split hair ends? Do they look similar to your natural hair color? Usually split ends are lighter, uneven and have a different color than your normal hair color. This spoils the look for your hair. It makes your hair color look uneven and discolored. You can see a lot of difference in the color and quality of your hair soon after you get your split ends trimmed.

Spoils the shine

Split ends tend to make your hair dull and lifeless. No amount of time money and efforts spent on hair masks, treatments and spas will do any good to your hair. It will continue to look dull. Split ends look dry, brittle and ugly spoiling the beauty of your hair. Anyone can notice that your hair has become more healthy and shiny once you trim your split ends! So without even spending a lot for your hair care routine, you can get healthy looking, beautiful hair within minutes.

Myths about split ends 
    • Hair care treatments can repair split ends: You cannot ever cure split ends with any hair treatment. You just need to get them trimmed off and maintain your hair thereafter to prevent further splitting. The sooner the better is the funda when it comes to trimming split ends.
    • Trimming split ends doesn’t make your hair grow faster at all! Trimming helps in improving the health of your hair and yes it promotes hair growth as well. Do you ask how? Cutting off the split ends help hair from further splitting and thus the health of your hair is maintained. As a result it grows longer and stronger. Got it now?

Here are some bonus tips that help in preventing split ends:

  • Regular moisturization of hair is very effective. Apply conditioner everytime you shampoo the hair. For dry hair, use the one containing natural oils and for oily hair, use a light conditioner.
  • Use olive oil or coconut oil often to seal in the moisture of the hair.
  • Put your hair up with tying a bun or pinning it up. This helps in protecting the hair ends.
  • Do not style your hair excessively. Hair straightening, blow drying, bushing hair when wet can all lead to split ends.

Hope you find this article on trimming split ends useful! Get your split ends trimmed as soon as possible and share your results with us! Good luck!

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