5 Important Skin Care Tips For Swimmers February 15, 2017

Summer time = swimmers’ time

Even while I write this, the mercury is rising higher. All we probably want to do is lie in a pool of cold water. Splish, splash, sploom is the mantra of summer lovers. This is the one time when swimming is the most loved form of hobby and exercise. Plus if its summers, you don’t need special motivation to lose some weight. But like every benefit has a downfall, swimming too does. It can be difficult on your skin. Skin tan, chemical abuse on the skin, swimming under the sun, dry and damaged hair are few of the traumatic skin signs for swimmers.

The excessive use of chemicals in the swimming pool tends to dry and darken the skin. It also claims to dry up the natural oils of the body, trouble the eyes and can possibly cause fungal or bacterial infections.

Swimming is a lovely sport with great health benefits. It is a little difficult to bask in the benefits while adding to your skin troubles. Remember, a little care goes a long way. Taking good care of your skin can help you in the long run.

How to Take Care of Skin after Swimming

1. Shower Prior / After Swimming: 

Taking a shower is the first step towards the skin care for swimmers. It is mandatory for you to take a shower before and after you swim, with warm water and some gentle soap. This is to rinse the chlorine away from your hair and skin. It helps reduce chlorine contact, thus reducing skin dryness.

2. Moisturize: 

Prolonged swimming in chlorinated water can result in dry skin. Make sure you moisturize your skin well, before and after swimming. It is recommended to use waterproof sunscreen prior to swimming. Application of moisturizer on the damp skin after the bath would help to keep a check on the skin dryness.

3. Body Hydration: 

A little before swimming, make sure you are sufficiently hydrated. Drinking water before swimming claims to restore body’s natural moisture, while flushing out contaminants brought in by the pool chemicals. 

4. Shower Cap, Eye and Ear Gear:

  • Shower Cap: Shower caps are especially designed to help you protect your hair from the hair-damaging chemical, Chlorine. Thus, reducing the risk of dry or damaged hair.
  • Eye Gear: This is especially designed to protect your eyes from various chemicals. So it helps avoid eye diseases or damage.
  • Ear Plugs: These help avoid letting the water into your ears. This will protect your ears from all the possible fungal infections in the ears caused due to the harmful chemicals.

5. Clean Swimming Pool: 

Ensure that the swimming pool you use is clean and free of other harmful chemicals. Avoid pools that are not cleaned regularly to stay away from infections and diseases.

Swimming is the best way of combining exercises with fun. It is best recommended for toning one’s entire body. Take good care of your skin with the above-discussed tips – and you’re ready to rock your swimming sessions again. Improper skin care can age your skin faster and will make you prone to sudden infections. Enjoy all the goodness of swimming while taking utmost care of your skin.

You must use waterproof sunscreens designed for different age groups and skin types. This is really essential in reducing the risk of increased levels of tan, skin darkening and infections.

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