10 Interesting Benefits Of Mud Bath May 7, 2015

Have you heard of the mud bath? You sure have, considering it is often being talked about. Every time you heard somebody talk about mud bath, you wondered how somebody could want to bathe in the mud. You are partly correct in your assumption, and partly wrong. Correct because you use the mud and that is a queer idea, wrong because this queer idea has a lot many benefits.

And this post tells you the top ten ways a mud bath can benefit you! Ready for them? Then here you go!

What Is A Mud Bath?

In simple terms, mud bath means taking bath with mud. It comprises of volcanic ash (1), distilled water that is hot and peat (it is a collection of organic matter).

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Benefits Of Mud Bath:

  1. Mud bath makes your body feel relaxed. The combination of mud and warm water loosens the tense nerves in your body.
  1. When you are taking a mud bath, your body feels like it is floating. This helps to kill stress in your mind and body.
  1. As already mentioned above, mud and water together comprise of anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help to relieve you of joint pains (arthritis).
  1. You well know that the mud that comes from the earth is rich in minerals. This mud clears your body off impurities. Mud bath helps in cleaning your body off toxins. Therefore, it keeps your body healthy.
  1. We told you that mud bath uses volcanic ash. This volcanic ash works like an exfoliant. It removes all the dead cells present in your body; thus, keeping your skin healthy and fresh.
  1. The warm water gets its work going and opens up all the veins. This ensures proper blood circulation.
  1. When you have a mud bath, your body absorbs all the minerals from water. These minerals help to neutralise your body’s pH level (2). Your body’s neutral pH is 7.41.
  1. If you take a mud bath at a spa, which is locked away from the hustle and bustle of a busy town, it calms down your mind.
  1. After a mud bath, ask for a massage. The massage loosens your muscles. It makes your body feel rejuvenated.
  1. Lastly, mud bath is also a way to vent out your adventurous desires. Every time you want a quick getaway for some adventure, but don’t want to get tired, you always can take a mud bath!

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How To Prepare A Mud Bath At Home:

Mud bath is available only in fancy spas. But these spas are often heavy on the pockets. If you are unwilling to part away with a fat wad of cash, you also have the option of preparing mud bath at home.

Fill your bath tub with warm water. To this tub of water, add 2 cups of mud. You can go for moor mud (3) that is rich in nutrients and minerals. You may also add some drops of essential oil. It adds a relaxing fragrance. Now, get into this tub. Let your complete body soak in the water, except your head. Stay in for 20 minutes. Make sure you do not cross the time limit. Now, drain the tub. Come out and take a shower under lukewarm water. Once your body is clean you may lie on a soft bed. It lets your body get some rest.

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Now that you know what the mud bath benefits are, you sure would love taking one, don’t you!

Have you taken a mud bath before? How was your experience? In what way did it help you get rid of your ailments? Share with us in the comments section below!

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