Is It Safe To Use Castor Oil During Pregnancy? June 21, 2016

There have been lot many rumors surrounding the usage of castor oil during pregnancy. Is castor oil safe during pregnancy? Is it beneficial for pregnant women? Is the rumor that castor oil is harmful is just that, a rumor?

You will find answers for all those questions in this post! All you got to do is give it a read!

Facts Related To Using Castor Oil (Aarandi Ka Tel) During Pregnancy:

Castor oil is a laxative derivative of the seeds of the plant castor. It offers multiple health benefits to humans. It is an amazing remedy for constipation, acidity, blood pressure and inflammation. Undoubtedly, castor oil makes an amazing home remedy for various health conditions, but its use in pregnancy is a topic of debate.

And the following are some of the points that would give you clarity!

  1. Castor oil is made of the seeds of the plant castor. This laxative offers the benefit of being a labor inducer in pregnancy. There are different precautions and conditions that should be kept in mind while using castor oil as a labor inducer.
  1. Be very careful of using castor oil closest to the date of your delivery. Castor oil is a home remedy that triggers the process of contraction of the uterine walls. This induces labor pain in pregnant women. Consuming castor oil early on in pregnancy involves high levels of risk. Thus, use castor oil as an artificial remedy to induce labor pain later on in pregnancy.

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  1. Undoubtedly, castor oil makes a good alternate to Caesarean operation. Caesarean holds its set of side-effects and risks. Thus, castor oil is a good alternative to induce labor and promote natural childbirth through labor pains.
  1. The major use of castor oil in pregnancy is beginning of labor pain. It can though be used as a preventive remedy against the formation of stretch marks too. The next set of precautions that come with the use of castor oil for inducing labors is its dosage. Usually, pregnant women are given regulated doses of castor oil (not more than an ounce) on a daily basis.
  1. Castor oil is known to induce contractions within 24 hours of its consumption. However, this is not the case with all women. In such cases, the doze is repeated at the same time the following day as well.

Castor oil can be consumed with juices, or you can also try other recipes of your choice. There are certainly a few factors and symptoms related with this use of castor oil for pregnancy. Few of those symptoms that you should know are listed below.

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Symptoms To Relate To The Use Of Castor Oil During Pregnancy:

  1. Nausea is a sure shot symptom that occurs after the ingestion of castor oil. The tendency to vomit, sluggishness and abdominal unease are bound to happen when you consume castor oil for inducing labor pains.
  1. Loose motions may also happen in women who do not deliver within 24 hours of ingesting castor oil (very rare chances). It happens due to intestinal upset caused by castor oil.

These symptoms are indications of early contractions. Usually, such symptoms are immediately followed by labor pains. Castor oil initiates the bowels to contract and expand rapidly. This artificial contraction and expansion work like a booster for the uterus. As a result, the walls of the uterus begin contracting and expanding as well. However, it is still not wise to believe that a few contractions are that of labor.. Actual labor begins only when the uterus exasperates to such an extent that the contractions become periodic.

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Nevertheless, castor oil is surely a labor inducer in pregnant women. For many reasons, it is not wise to intervene with the normal pregnancy procedure. Therefore, never use castor oil for inducing labor pains without the consent of your doctor. Castor oil is hundred percent a better option in many clinical cases. But those cases are thoroughly diagnosed and monitored by practiced and experienced doctors. Thus, castor oil is a facilitator in pregnancy, when ingested with the consent of your doctor. Otherwise, it can be a very strong hurdle too, when misused.

Are you one of those few ladies who gave birth to your child with the aid of castor oil? Could you now believe in the goodness and power of castor oil as a labor pain inducer in pregnant women? Share your feedback with us in the comments section!

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