What Is Jelqing Exercise?

What Is Jelqing Exercise? October 30, 2017

Have you heard about jelqing? Do you want to develop muscles ‘down there’ for some hard and fast action but want to avoid surgeries, pills or lotions? If you are clueless and curious, reading this post may be a great idea.

Jelqing is an age-old exercise to boost your confidence and manhood naturally! Want to know more about the technique? Read on!

What Is The Jelqing Exercise?

The word Jelq means “milking”. If you have seen the milking of a cow- you will understand how to practice a jelq. You need to simply start near the testis (balls) and massage smoothly till the tip. The simple ‘milking- type’ motion will work wonders for you!

According to popular belief, men can add 2 inches to their penis length and increase the penis girth with the jelqing exercise. The jelq is similar to masturbation and works by increasing the blood supply in the penis. Proponents of the jelq claim that it can show visible results within a month of practice.

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The Jelq In History:

Penis enlargement is a perennial obsession for men since ages as the male organ is a symbol of their manhood and strength. The records of history reveal that men have even tried to increase their penis size by hanging weights from the tip of their penis and manually stretching the shaft. Dangerous and futile? Maybe.

  • In ancient Arabic times, fathers would initiate young boys into the act of jelqing. A benign practice, it seems.
  • With the passage of time, all types of penis enlargement are synonymous with jelqing.
  • Since the 1970s, American men have been practicing jelqing to enlarge their organs.

The Nitty Gritty Of The Jelq:

Jelqs are of different types. You need to perform the wet jelq while your penis is wet. There is also the dry jelq, and you need to practice it- yes you got it right – when your penis is dry.

1. The Wet Jelq:

Te best time to perform this exercise is after warming your penis by taking a hot shower or placing it on a warm cloth to heat it up for action. The idea is to increase the blood flow to the tissues of your organ.

Here are simple steps to help you experience a stupendous increase in organ size:

1. Lubrication:

It is critical to prevent injuries to the shaft. You can use Vaseline, baby oil or any commonly available penis lubricant.

2. Level Of Erection:

It is critical that your penis is not fully erect while performing the jelq. Or it will be prone to injury. You must bring your erection to 50- 70% only by masturbating. At this erection level, it is easy to push blood through the penis tissues and muscles.

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3. The OK Grip:

Use your big finger and thumb to form an OK sign.

4. Massage:

Go ahead and massage your organ gently. Now grip the penis using the OK grip at the base, as close to the pubic bone. The idea is to squeeze the blood out of the shaft. If you have pain or discomfort, loosen the grip. Move up toward the tip of your member while applying light pressure. The idea is to push blood up the shaft. Make sure that the pressure does not hurt you. Stop before you reach the glans or head.

5. Repetition:

Once you complete a jelq, take your other hand and repeat the process. Alternately use both your hands. We suggest that you start with 200 strokes and rev up to 500 strokes.

A Word Of Caution:

Always keep your penis semi-erect during a jelq. If while performing the jelq you get a full erection, we suggest that you stop and cool down until your organ is in a semi–erect stage.

Frequency Of Jelqing:

Do not overdo the jelq as this will only increase your chances of injury. The adage ‘more is better’ does not work with jelqing. We suggest that you jelq once a day only, five days a week. And do remember that it is completely safe if you perform it along with a proper warm-up and cool down practice.]

2. The Dry Jelq:

You need to perform the Jelq without lubrication. It may stress the penile shaft because you are not using a lubricant to make the process smooth. The dry jelq is similar to the wet jelq, but you only use one hand for this. You need to repeat the steps until you reach the head of the penis. After this, you have to contract your pelvic floor muscles and take your hand back to the base of the penis while holding the muscle contraction. We recommend that you start small with 200 strokes and build it up to about 500 strokes.

3. Stretched Jelq:

It requires some coordination. While one hand squeezes the penis at the base, the other hand follows closely behind, stretching it slightly, according to the Penis Enlargement Manual. You need to release the grip when your hand reach the tip of the penis and start at the base. Start with 200 strokes and build up as before.

How Does Jelqing Work?

According to penis enlargement experts, jelqing helps to increase the penis length and girth. They say that this exercise forces blood through the penis, which comprises of 50 % smooth muscle. The use of force while performing this jelqing exercise routine creates micro-tears in the penile smooth muscle, which increase its size and girth.

It is a strategy of using controlled damage to rebuild the smooth muscle. These gurus also claim that you can manipulate the spongy tissue to hold more blood during an erection,.

Side Effects:

  1. Overdoing it will cause soreness.
  2. Redness and blotchiness are also common. We suggest that if you experience any of these, you stop and rest.
  3. Other common problems are blister formation, chafing, and skin irritation. Try using more lubrication. And if the problem persists, stop.
  4. Excessive jelqing can lead to ecchymosis or the formation of bruises due to the rupturing of capillaries. Relax the ‘OK grip’, and you should be fine. Else, you should stop and let it heal.

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Is It Really Good?

The bad news is that the medical community is skeptical about the benefits of jelqing. They say that there is no scientific data to prove that it increases penis length and girth. What’s worse, Urologists say that jelqing can cause permanent damage and lead to erection problems, numbness, scar formation, bruising, and swelling. Jelqing with a fully erect penis can lead to a venous leakage, which results in a form of impotence where the penis becomes erect but can’t maintain it.

A few urologists say that jelqing can cause a minor increase in penis size (about 2 cm). Such a small change does not seem worth the potential damage and threat of impotence. So, if you are planning to jelq, do so with extreme caution.

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