Juice Therapy – Process And Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health May 22, 2015

Juice therapy is another common name for juicing. Raw juice therapy can treat many diseases through including the juices of fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables as a special diet. This process is also referred to as juice fasting. It can help you to restore health and detoxify the body. This gives a boost to your immune system and offers you a chance to acquire glowing skin and good health.

Juicing has its history beginning from the 1990s, when it was claimed to stop the natural aging process and cancer. Juices are delicious and tasty natural tonics, which are 100% safe and inexpensive. These fresh juices can be consumed with herbs, homeopathy and other therapies for best results.

Process of Juice Therapy:

1. Scrub the fruits and vegetables thoroughly under running water. This helps to get rid of pesticides or dirt.

2. If you feel or see them waxed make sure to peel them.

3. Take off all seeds and peel citrus fruits.

4. Cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. This helps to grind them easily and gives a fine pulp.

5. Grind and spin them to extract the juice from the pulp.

6. Bananas and avocados contain less water that makes them difficult to juice. Hence, you can process them in a blender.

7. Avoid imported fruits and vegetables due to their high pesticide content.

8. Serve the juice immediately to get the best results and benefits. Juices that are stored in the refrigerator tend to lose their nutritional value. Raw juices also oxidize very quickly.

9. If the juice is very sweet, dilute this with water or mix with other less sweet juices.

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Benefits of Fruit Juice Therapy:

1. Organ cleansing:

Raw juice therapy helps to eliminate and cleanse the organs. They detoxify organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs and the skin. It quickly helps to flush off accumulated metabolic wastes and toxins, and gives relief to the digestive and assimilative organs. Raw juice therapy increases the digestion of food and the utilization of nutrients.

2. Disease recovery:

Raw juices of fruits and vegetables as a special diet help to recover faster from diseases. They are also more effective than pure water fasting to cleanse and regenerate the tissues.

3. Eliminate wastes:

Fasting helps to burn up and excrete large amounts of accumulated wastes. This cleansing process can be improved by drinking alkaline juices and replacing the water while fasting. This increases the healing effect of fasting and accelerates to throw off uric acid and other inorganic acids.

4. Heart health:

You can add sugar in juices to make them even more delicious and tasty. This will also help in strengthening the heart. They also help to avoid or cure many cardiovascular-related diseases.

5. Rejuvenation effect:

Juices for this therapy are obtained from vegetables and fruits that have excellent medicinal properties. Thus, juice therapy also helps to revitalize and rejuvenate the body organs, glands and functions.

6. Speedy recovery:

Raw juices from fruits, plants and vegetables are very good sources of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes and natural sugars. They aid to normalize all the body functions and supply elements for healing and cell regeneration. Thus, juice therapy helps in boosting the process of recovery.

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7. Anti-aging:

Juice therapy provides organic minerals that are easy to assimilate. These minerals are calcium, potassium and silicon, which balance the biochemical elements in the tissues and cells. Thus, it helps to prevent premature ageing of your skin.

8. Diabetes:

Raw juice therapy is a natural medicine and antibiotic to cure many diseases and disorders. Some fruits and vegetables have insulin, which is required by the pancreas to manufacture insulin. Juice therapy of cucumber, onion, garlic, radish and tomatoes has antibiotic substances. You can dilute the juice if it is too sweet. This is especially advised for patients with arthritis, diabetes, hypoglycaemia and high blood pressure.

9. Infection healing:

Fresh fruit juice therapy helps to fight against many diseases. It helps to speed up the healing of infections.

10. Cure ulcers:

It can also be used to cure stomach ulcers.

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