Karma Yoga – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? June 28, 2016

Want to learn yoga & experience eternal peace? Here’s how to do it with Karma yoga. Yoga has been practiced in our country since ages. Originating in India, yoga basically means ‘spiritual discipline’. It is not just mastering different postures and increasing flexibility, but it is something beyond that. Over the years, the practice of yoga has changed to some extent. Yet, its root remains the same. It focuses on main aspects like physical, mental and spiritual practices to attain a state of permanent peace.

karma yoga

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What is Karma Yoga?

Also known as the Gita Karma Yoga has many components. One such module is ‘Karma Yoga’. It is a form of yoga based on the Bhagwad Gita. It is one of the four paths of yoga and is self explanatory. Karma, which means action, suggests that a person should always choose the path of doing the right thing in life. It means that a person should do his service without expecting any reward for it. It guides a person towards selfless service.

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Meditation is a very important aspect when a person learns yoga. It is the first step while learning yoga asana. One has to have full concentration while doing yoga. Karma yoga is believed to be the basic step of all other forms of yoga. Any person learning yoga has to first learn this type as it helps an individual in attaining divine wisdom. His efforts in all other yoga forms will go waste if he does not follow the principles and guidelines of Karma yoga in his routine.

Bad qualities like ego, jealousy, superiority, hatred are completely removed from an individual’s mind and soul when he practices the path of Karma yoga. Hence, the practice of Karma yoga is based on Nishkaam karma, which means performing deeds without any desire. A person is said to have learnt Karma yoga completely when he considers himself closer to God with every action that he does.

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After this, the second step for learning Karma yoga is that an individual needs to have courage. It is an important step as in practicing right actions always needs courage. A person requires courage to face the truth and stand by it. Therefore, an individual learning Karma yoga has to maintain balance between society and his firm and true actions. It is definitely not an easy task as it seems. Not every individual succeeds achieving this goal. But an individual with strong will power, decision taking power and self-confidence can certainly achieve this task.

Here are a few steps with which you can experience and practice Karma Yoga:-

  • Develop a discipline of meditation. Take time out of your busy schedule and try sitting idle in a relaxed position. Now close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. This activity is also known as ‘Prana Dharana’ in yoga. This will help you forget all your hectic and busy schedules and concentrate on yoga.
  • Learn the principles of Karma yoga which is the key to serving people and God without expecting anything in return.
  • Try chanting ‘OM’. It will help you gain eternal peace.
  • Develop a friendly relationship with God by chanting prayers and serving people.
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In today’s fast-paced world, Karma yoga is the only aspect that has the potential to take an individual closer to God. There’s a great saying in Bhagwad Gita which says, “Thy right is to work only, but never with its fruits; let not the fruits of action be thy motive, nor let thy attachment be to inaction. As the ignorant men act from attachment to action, so should the wise act without attachment, wishing the welfare of the world.”

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