Know The Secret Behind Adnan Sami’s Weight Loss

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Know The Secret Behind Adnan Sami’s Weight Loss October 26, 2017

I remember listening to Adnan Sami’s hit songs from the album “Tera Chehra” released early this century, over and over again. The singer, songwriter, pianist, and actor has a unique voice and style of singing that can win hearts instantly. There’s intensity in his voice which is what draws us to his songs. But little did I know that the sadness he portrayed in the album was actually a projection of what was happening in his own life.  So much so that the depression led him to emotional eating and weight gain. He weighed 206 kgs, couldn’t walk or sleep properly, and his health was in critical shape. But, this strong-willed singer took control of his life and reduced his weight from 206 to 75 kgs in just a year! For those who are curious to know how he achieved such a feat, I am going to share Adnan Sami’s weight loss story which has inspired many. First, let’s dig deeper into what happened that led to such an exponential weight gain and why he decided to lose weight.

Why Did Adnan Sami Gain Weight

Due to personal reasons, Adnan Sami became a victim of the most common mental disorder—depression. To get over his dissatisfaction and frustration, he started eating comfort foods loaded with simple carbs and unhealthy fats. In fact, he began eating unhealthy even when he was happy! Without any workout routine, Adnan Sami quickly started gaining weight. But his love for food was too strong to stop him from eating unhealthy food. By the time he debuted in India as a singer and songwriter, he weighed 206 kgs!

When Did Adnan Sami Decide To Lose Weight

In 2005, Adnan Sami underwent surgery for lymphedema, which required him to be on bed rest for three months. Since he was overweight and had fat underneath his muscle, this fat pushed against his lungs and made breathing difficult. It was at this point that his doctors told him that he would live only six more months unless he did something about his weight problem. In an interview, Adnan Sami told how his father refused to believe that his fighter son would give up so easily. And that’s when Adnan Sami decided that it was a do or die situation and that he wouldn’t give up without a fight.
He soon flew to Houston and hired a nutritionist to start his weight loss journey. His father and rest of the family members supported him tremendously throughout his weight loss journey.

How Did The Weight Loss Journey Start?

On June 6, 2006, before starting his nutrition plan, Adnan Sami ate a mashed potatoes, porterhouse steak with a lot of butter, and a huge cheesecake. From 7th June 2006, he started following his nutrition plan. He was on a low-carb and high-protein diet as suggested by his nutritionist to lose a few pounds before he started his workout routine.

Adnan Sami Weight Loss Diet Plan

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After Adnan Sami went through initial medical examinations, his nutritionist soon determined that Adnan Sami was an emotional eater. Therefore, he suggested that Adnan Sami be on a diet minus bread, white rice, oil, sugar, and alcohol. He was allowed to eat fish, chicken breast, veggies, popcorn without butter, and boiled pulses. All this had to be prepared without oil, butter or excess salt. He was also allowed to consume diet ice lollies, diet fudge sticks, and sugar-free drinks. Here is the diet plan that he followed.

Breakfast – 1 cup green tea
Lunch – Tandoori fish and vegetable salad with fat-free dressing
Evening snack- Popcorn without butter
Dinner – 1 cup boiled pulses or poached chicken breast

Adnan Sami Exercise Plan

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His nutritionist and doctor gave him the go-ahead to start his workout after he lost 40 pounds. He hired Prashant Sawant, a fitness trainer from Mumbai, India. Prashant Sawant recommended Adnan Sami to do moderate paced walking on the treadmill. After Adnan Sami had lost a few more pounds, he started running on the treadmill. He also committed to 1 hour of cardio and weight training six days a week.

Adnan Sami followed this workout plan and ate healthy for few more months. Each month he lost about 10 kgs, and he could sleep better, move freely, walk and stand longer. Though his weight loss was rapid, he was under the supervision of professionals, who regularly monitored his progress. But, apart from the constant support of the trained professionals, a lot had to be done by Adnan Sami himself. Here is what he kept in mind during his weight loss challenge.

1. Set Your Goal

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Weight loss is not an easy challenge to undertake. If you are fat, remember that people might make snide remarks that may bring down your motivation levels. Adnan says that his first step to weight loss was to understand that it was time that he did something to cut those pounds. After a life-changing appointment with his doctor, Sami decided that it was now or never. His doctor’s words had echoed in his head for several days before he decided he had to do something about his weight.

And there began his tough and arduous journey towards achieving an ideal weight. He also adds that he felt like giving up, but fought hard not to let anything deter him from the path. No matter what people or critics say, you need to stay focused on the goal and be firm until you achieve it. Set realistic and achievable goals to keep you on track and keep the determination from faltering. This is what helped Adnan make a breakthrough with his weight problem. Once he set his mind on going from obese to slim, Adnan moved to Houston to focus on his goal. A nutritionist helped him examine his relationship with food and how he could make his goal a reality.

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2. Have The Will

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Nothing works stronger than a will to succeed, and Adnan Sami will second this! The singer says that once he was determined to lose the flab, his next goal was to stay strong through the entire journey.
Adnan’s doctor advised him to maintain a stringent diet. And the singer had to give a ‘No’ to some of his favorite foods. This strong-willed singer who had many a personal crisis had chosen to gorge on food as a source of relief. Summoning the strength to say no to the tempting junk food was perhaps one of the most difficult steps for him to take.

3. Get Creative With Exercise Regime

“My journey from fat to fit was simply remarkable,” quips Adnan in an interview. And why would it not be! This talented musician lost several pounds with sheer determination and will. But is that all that you need to go from flab to fab?

No matter how stringent your diet is, unless you workout, losing weight will remain a distant dream. And this was true in the case of Adnan too. Proper food and diet, along with exercise, was what helped Adnan lose a whopping 342 pounds that transformed his persona.

Exercising was a tough task due to his bulk body structure, so Adnan began with a strict diet that helped him lose 90 pounds. Then he hit the treadmill. This helped him lose a few more pounds. Not only was he able to sleep and get up on his own, but he also began to feel a lot better both mentally and physically.

Once he lost shed more weight, there was no looking back. The singer put his heart and soul into his weight loss goal and exercised tirelessly. Part of his exercise regimen comprised cardio exercises, a set time at the treadmill and various dance forms. He also went on long walks that were both relaxing and liberating.

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4. You Are What You Eat

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Someone has rightly said that you are what you eat. So, while you get the determination and grit to get it right, make sure you also watch what you eat. When you are on a weight loss mission, it’s critical is to eat right and make healthier choices in each meal. Do this till you reach your target.

In Adnan Sami’s case, he quit junk food. His doctor also advised him to avoid food containing rice, bread, oil and even sugar. Going from a mound of flesh to an 85 kg normal human was no mean feat. Adnan battled hard to resist his temptation to binge eat.

Salads and fruits constituted his main diet, which was supplemented with fruit juices.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

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It is crucial to make sure you have people who support you, motivate you, guide you and help you bounce back on track when you seem to be losing focus. People around you should be a source of inspiration for you, so avoid the ones who are critical. Remember to take criticism in a positive manner and let it motivate you and not be a reason for you to stray from your path.

Adnan had his own set of well-wishers and family members who backed him as he set out on this near impossible task of losing over 500 pounds he had put on over years of comfort eating to combat depression. Unflinching support from his loved ones helped this troubled singer get his life back on track.

6. Don’t Lose Focus

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There would be days when you tend to slip from your schedule or deviate from your health routine or exercise regime; it is natural and quite human if this happens. Everyone has slip-ups. The idea, however, is not to lose focus of the bigger picture and to get back on track as soon as possible.

Allow yourself to indulge once in a while to avoid eating sprees and cravings when you come face to face with lip-smacking food. Each day matters, so make sure you have your goals are clear and work towards achieving the same.

Here are few pictures of Adnan Sami’s Fat to Fit journey.


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Adnan Sami’s weight loss journey was so incredible that it shocked and inspired everyone all at the same time. He stands testimony to the fact that nothing is impossible to achieve in life if you stay focussed and work towards your goals. So, ladies, start taking baby steps today till you make it a habit of living a healthy lifestyle. All the best!


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