Know Your Face June 26, 2016

Know yourself better!

Ever imagined sitting for Geography paper without knowing your chapters? Will a kid be able to form words or sentences without learning alphabets?

You must think I am weird to even pose such questions. As a matter of fact, most of us are. We try our hand at makeup; showcase all our creativity in the area without knowing everything about our face. Our face is the alphabet which helps us form words of makeup. But unfortunately, most of us have zero knowledge about it. And with such ignorance, we miss out on the opportunity of beautifying ourselves to the fullest.

The basic idea of makeup is to accentuate good features and hide drawbacks. There are thousands of makeup tutorials available online these days. But without knowing your face, you might end up looking scary.

So here is a post to help you understand and know your face better.

Face Shape

The first and foremost thing we need to observe is the shape of our face. This shape is defined by our individual bone structure of the face.

Understanding the face shape well can help a great deal in enhancing our own individual beauty. Most makeup tutorials talk about how a certain type of makeup is good or bad for certain faces types. So make sure you know the face shape well.

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T Zone

Most of our faces are likely to have an oily zone that includes our forehead, nose, and chin. This zone is called T Zone because if we were to draw a line through these areas, it would look like the alphabet “T”. The T-Zone is usually oilier than the rest of our face due to a higher percentage of oil glands. These areas tend to break out more often. They also have a higher tendency towards blackheads, whiteheads, irritation, sunburn and redness. It is the most important area to be taken care of while deciding on cosmetics like foundation. People with oily or combination skin need to pay special heed to this area. Otherwise it can result in break outs.


This indicates the side of the head above the eyes. It plays an important role when you’re trying to make your face appear more oval. It helps in contours.

Crease of the Eyes

These are the wrinkles on the skin at the outer corner of our eyes. The crease is right below the brow bone and right above the lid. The crease also extends down to where there is an upside down v on the right of the eye. This is where we apply eye makeup at times.

Brow Bone

The brow bone is directly under the eyebrow. This is where we apply the lightest shade of eye shadow.

Apple of the Cheek

To find the apple of your cheek, smile and look into the mirror. The round part that pulls up distinctly is the apple of the cheek. This is the place where blush should ideally go.


Jawline is very crucial when it comes to applying foundation. While using foundation all over the face, you must make sure to blend it well into your jawline and slightly onto the neck. Failure in doing so can result in distinct lines between the two. This results in the unnatural look.


Lashline is the area where we apply your eyeliner, eye pencil and eye shadow. These days, highlighting lashline with a highlighter is much on rogue. It helps adding colour to the makeup.

Inside Rim of the Eyelid

This is the area where we apply Kajal, Kohl & eye pencil. There is also an inner rim of the eye. This inner rim is used to create highlights. It can instantly make you eyes look younger.

Cupid Bow

This is the juncture where the lips meet the surrounding skin of the mouth. This area is the vermilion border.

The typically reddish area within the vermilion borders is called the vermilion zone. The vermilion border of the upper lip is known as the Cupid’s bow. This is one place which is to be highlighted using foundation. It instantly opens up your lips and makes them appear twice as large.

So these were the essentials of your face for you to know properly. The picture above will also help identify different parts. Now that you know which part is called what, you sure can go through any makeup tutorial and try your hand at the same. Without knowing your face well, how would you ever do justice with the makeup? So good luck.

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