Shaving every alternate day; waxing in every 15 days; electrolysis – Ah! Never mind, indeed hair removal can be time-consuming as well as painful. But imagine among all this we have something that works just like a magic wand? Yes, we are talking about laser hair removal.

The treatment makes unwanted hair and fine lines disappear just by a snap of your fingers. But in the wrong hands the hair removal can cause equal harm, it can burn your skin seriously and scar permanently. So before you throw down your cash for laser hair removal, you should know where it works, about its pros and cons and other facts

So, read ahead and make sure before what you’re getting into…

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal treatment includes a laser that will emit heat energy, absorbs the light penetrates deep down the root of each hair strand and damages the follicle. Mostly effective for all skin tones and hair types, thisdamaged follicle will not be able to produce any further hair for a long time, sometimes never.

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Pros of Laser hair removal:

✔ If the procedure is carried out properly and by qualified specialists, then it is a safe procedure.

✔ Slows down the re-growing of hair for a long-time of months to years. Basically offers long term results

✔ Ingrown hairs are less and at times, it even permanently removes hair after 3-5 sessions

✔ Hair of large areas such as back or legs can be removed effectively.

✔ Less painful than other hair removing methods (especially the method of electrolysis).

✔ Even if hair grows back after a long time, it is lighter in color and less thick in nature.

✔ In comparison to other effective hair removal procedures (like electrolysis); Laser hair removal is much faster a treatment.

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Cons of Laser Hair removal:

✘ Some hair re-growth is always expected as it is not a permanent hair removal procedure.

✘People with darker hair (due to more melanin) have more success in this procedure than people with light colored hair.

✘Sometimes, the treatment works only in areas where the hair is thin

✘The procedure is expensive. A session can cost anywhere between $250 to $ 350

✘ 6-8 sessions needed. Approximately, three to four treatments.

✘ Feeling of a rubber band hitting the skin i.e. little discomfort may be experienced.

✘ Non-Serious Side effects like swelling, itching (that go after a few days) to serious side-effects like burning, infection, blistering may occur. Wax, shave, or opt for threading instead.

If you have already undergone the treatment, follow these recommendations:

  • After the first 3 days of your treatment, it’s not recommended to have sunbathe
  • Remember to take care of your skin. Especially when going out for a walk, always apply a good UV-filtered sun-cream; we prefer powerful, Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen SPF 70 that will keep your skin healthy as well.
  • Avoid sauna and swimming pool after the first 3 days of your procedure.

The Final Verdict:

If you want a permanent hair removal then opt for electrolysis as this is not a permanent hair removal. But it is very effective as hair growth is really slow.

P.S: Please consult your doctor before going for this procedure and also get it done by a qualified person.

So there you have it, a lowdown on the latest trends in the cosmetic world, laser hair removal. Hope you liked the post and if you do please let us know in the comments below. We value reader’s feedback.

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