Hair removal can be time consuming as well as painful. And hair removal can also be done in different ways like Shaving, epilating, waxing, creams, electrolysis, sugaring, etc. on the body and face, facial hair removal being one of the most painful things ever! Still, is undergoing laser hair removal a Yay or a Nay?

Keep reading on to know about the pros and cons of Laser Hair removal

How does Laser Hair removal work?

Laser hair removal treatment includes a laser that emits heat energy that penetrates deep down the root of each hair strand and damages the follicle. Thus the damaged follicle is not able to produce any further hair for a long long time.

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Laser hair removal pros and cons

Pros of Laser hair removal:

Benifits of laser hair removel

✔ If the procedure is carried out properly and by qualified specialists, then it is a safe procedure.

✔ Slows down the re-growing of hair for a long time of months to years.

✔ Ingrown hairs are less.

✔ Hair of large areas such as back or legs can be removed effectively.

✔ Less painful than other hair removing methods (especially the method of electrolysis).

✔ Even if hair grows back after a long time, it is lighter in color and less thick in nature.

✔ In comparison to other effective hair removal procedures (like electrolysis); Laser hair removal is much faster.

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Cons of Laser Hair removal:

✘ Some hair re-growth is always expected as it is not a permanent hair removal procedure.

✘People with darker hair (due to more melanin) have more success in this procedure than people with light colored hair.


✘ 6-8 sessions needed

✘ Feeling of a rubber band hitting the skin i.e. little discomfort may be experienced.

✘ Non-Serious Side effects like swelling, itching (that go after a few days) to serious side-effects like burning, infection, blistering may occur.


If you want a permanent hair removal then opt for electrolysis as this is not a permanent hair removal. But it is very effective as hair growth is really really slow.

P.s: Please consult your doctor before going for this procedure and also get it done by a qualified person.

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