Top 10 Lipsticks For Dark Skinned Women Available In India June 27, 2016

Gone are the days when fair skin was equated with beauty. But the fact remains that most of us wish to have a fairer complexion. India is blessed with many dark-skinned beauties. And indeed, it is a misconception that makeup doesn’t suit dark-skinned individuals. Dusky complexion is beautiful, and its beauty can be enhanced by choosing the right lip color that suits your skin tone. Let us focus on the lipstick shades, meant for the dark skin. Some of the colors that greatly complement’s dusky complexions include burgundy, fuchsia, bronze, chocolate brown, nude brown, plum, maroon, brick red etc.

Best Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Women

Given below are some of the lipstick shades for dark skin, offered by leading brands.

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Fuchsia Fever:

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Buy Maybelline Color Sensational Fuchsia Fever For ₹ 1,942.80

This lip color from Maybelline is a neon pink shade. It is highly pigmented and contains honey nectar, which provides nourishment to the lips. Its creamy and smooth texture glides easily on your lips. It is a non-bleeding, non-sticky and light weight lip color. It has approximately 3-4 hours of staying power.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Jewels Lipstick – Amethyst Ablaze:


Another shade from Maybelline, this is a beautiful purple color with fine shimmer. 1-2 swipes are required to get the true amethyst purple color. Its texture is smooth and creamy. It glides easily on the lips. It also contains honey nectar, which moisturizes your lips. It doesn’t bleed, dry or settle into fine lines. Its staying power is 4-5 hours, after which the tint stays for 6-7 hours.

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3. Lakme Absolute Creme Lip Color – Plum Delight:


Buy Lakme Absolute Creme Lip Color – Plum Delight

This dark purple shade from Lakme greatly complements the dusky skin tone. It is one of the best lakme lipstick shades for dark skin. If you want a darker color, you can add a few more swipes. It contains Vitamin E and wheat germ oil, which provide nourishment to your lips. Its texture is creamy and it glides smoothly. It is lightweight and provides full coverage. Its staying power is 3-4 hours, after which it fades away, leaving behind a stain.

4. Revlon Lustrous Lipstick – Chocolicious:



It is a chocolate brown shade, which suits dark skin tones well. It has a good pigmentation with a creamy smooth texture and matte finish. It doesn’t bleed or dry out your lips. Its staying power is 2-3 hours, after which it leaves behind a good stain.

5. MAC – Bronze Shimmer:

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Buy MAC – Bronze Shimmer For ₹ 3,625.00

It is a beautiful golden yellow shade with shimmer particles. It is highly pigmented and opaque. Just one swipe will give you full coverage. Its texture is silky and creamy. It doesn’t dry out or bleed. It is non-flaky and opaque. Its staying power is 3-4 hours.

6. Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick – Taupe:

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Buy  Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick – Taupe For ₹ 499.00

Taupe from Colorbar is a nude brownish shade, which looks good on dark skin. This lipstick is highly pigmented with a creamy and smooth texture. It gives a glossy shine without any shimmer. Shea butter and Vitamin E nourish your lips. It has SPF-15, which protects your lips from sun damage. Its staying power is 3-4 hours, after which it fades, leaving behind a good stain.

7. NYX Matte Lipstick – Alabama:

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Buy NYX Matte Lipstick – Alabama For ₹ 1,316.00

Alabama lipstick is a beautiful dark red shade lipstick for dark skinned women. It is well-pigmented with a creamy, smooth texture. It gives you a matte finish without drying or bleeding. It moisturizes your lips. It is lightweight, non-cakey and non-flaky. Its staying power is 4-5 hours, after which it leaves behind a good tint.

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8. L’Oreal Color Riche – Cinnamon Toast:

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Buy  L’Oreal Color Riche – Cinnamon Toast For ₹ 674.00'oreal-color-riche-cinnamon-toast

This lipstick is a brown shade with coral undertones. It has good pigmentation, a creamy and hydrating texture and provides a beautiful glossy finish. It doesn’t dry, bleed or settle into fine lines. It has omega-3, which keeps your lips soft and supple, and Vitamin E which provides nourishment. Its staying power is 3-4 hours.

9. Bobbi Brown- Soft Nude:


This lipstick is a beautiful nude brown shade, which suits dark skin tones. It gives full opaque coverage. It is well pigmented with a creamy, smooth and lightweight texture. It is semi-matte, odor and taste free, and moisturizing too. The SPF-12 in it protects your lips from sun damage. It has a good staying power of 4-5 hours.

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10. MAC Smoked Purple:


Buy MAC Smoked Purple For ₹ 2918.61

It is a deep purplish red shade, which gives you a satin matte finish. It is highly pigmented and provides full coverage in just one swipe. It is non-drying, non-bleeding and moisturizing. It has a staying power of 4-5 hours, after which it leaves behind a stain.

These were some of the best lipstick shades for dark skin tones! Have you tried any of these shades? Would you like to recommend any other lipstick shade for dusky skin tones? Leave us a comment below.

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