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How To Lose Weight From Hips?

How To Lose Weight From Hips? November 30, 2017

Life would be wonderful if losing weight was as easy as gaining it! Isn’t it? Well, everyone does have dreams and sometimes it can go a little overboard, like losing weight without struggling. If losing weight is considered impossible in your dictionary, then what would you say about getting rid of love handles?

Though for many that’s where fat deposit begins, when trying to lose weight, it is the last point of impact. This is surely unfortunate as love handles are considered unattractive and, keeps jutting out no matter how hard one tries to tuck it in.

Nevertheless, there is hope as long you are determined to lose weight from hips and deal with love handles. Unlike losing weight with normal exercises, losing weight off hips is tricky and needs special attention and focus.

How to Lose Weight From Hips

Here are the important things you can adopt when trying to trim your waistline:

Strength Training: Lifting weight or strength training helps burn fat and depending on the type of workout regimen, fat burning can continue through the day much after the workout time. Mixing cardio and strength training together and HIIT or high intensity interval training can improve fat burning ratio. Now, mixing cardio and strength training would burn fat much faster than HIIT and is the ultimate way to lose weight, in the fastest way possible. As weight training increases muscles in already warm body which burns fat faster and combined with cardio has an explosive effect in burning calories.

Cardio: For an adult, 152 minutes of cardio is mandatory for good health. So, get going and beat that time and outdo it in the gym or home gym. Do you know you can burn as much as 800 calories by cycling for an hour?

Combined Workouts: Running on the treadmill for a significant amount of time burns fat, and body becomes extremely warm. Now, you could immediately do ab crunches for complimenting cardio you did and force faster fat burning.

Hip Focused Exercises: Lifting the leg sideways, jumping on a trampoline, adding a short extra walk every day, toning abdominal muscles and squats, are excellent exercises that help trim your waistline.

Nutrition: Watch those calories, as food is to survive and live healthier and not an entertainment. Balancing your diet is an excellent way to get those pounds off quickly.

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Here are 10 Things to Start Including In Your Diet for Weight Loss:

1. Apples: Not only does apple keep the doctor away but also the fat, as antioxidants present in apples help prevent metabolic syndrome.

2. Eggs: Include omelets and scrambles in the diet as they help in reducing the love handles. If it is baked it is even better! Just don’t overdo it, do it in moderation. It is a great way to lose weight as they keep you full for long hours.

3. Oats: There are steel cut and rolled varieties of oats. Both are really good for weight loss, as they have about five grams of fiber per serving.

4. Lentils: This is the best way to flatten the belly. Lentils help prevention of insulin spikes, which causes the body to create excess fat, especially around your waist. Therefore, stack up lentils and start eating them.

5. Goji Berries: Want a natural way to reduce your bulking up desires? Goji berries are the way to go as contain 18 amino acids, proteins and also curb appetite.

6. Wild Salmon: Fish fat they say is good for the heart. However, it is also good to reduce your waistline. It is so because it has Omega-3 fatty acids that improve the insulin sensitivity, which in turn aids in muscle building and decrease fat deposit around your hip.

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7. Buckwheat: High in fiber, it also contains protein and a much better pasta substitute when you want to lose weight.

8. Blueberries: The highest of antioxidant level is found in blueberries, though all types of berries are good when you want to lose weight.

9. Dark Chocolate: Eat a small cube of dark chocolate, which reduces the craving to eat more and forces one to eat lesser by about 14%.

10. Avocadoes: When consumed in moderate portions, this is great for weight loss and can be replaced for mayonnaise in breads.

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So are you ready to get started? This is how to lose weight on hips. Make sure to include the above 10 foods in your diet and follow these exercises to help you get curvy figure that haunts you! Eat healthy to stay healthy!

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