Top 10 Magnetic Nail Polishes Available In India July 31, 2015

The magnetic nail polish trend is currently catching up well in the nail art world in India. I would never have imagined that I could do nail art with “magnets”! I myself have been going gaga over this latest trend. Magnetic nail polish is currently trending in the whole of the nail art world with its unique pattern creations.

Magnetic nail polishes contain magnetic particles that create designs when they are exposed to a specially designed magnet. The magnet which has a particular design is held over the painted nail while it is wet, for about 10 seconds. The iron powder in the formulation of the nail polish gravitates toward the magnet, forming the pattern and giving an astonishing finish. Designs like stripes, wave patterns, diagonal patterns etc can be created with ease and comfort at home.

Choose your Best Magnetic Nail Polish in India!

Our picks of the top 10 magnetic nail polishes India are:

1. Konad Magnetic Nail Polish:

Konad magnetic nail polish is an affordable choice for many. If you are on a budget, this magnetic nail polish is a very good option. It gives a superior lacquer finish. However, you would have to buy the magnetic plates separately to induce the magnet and create designs with this magnetic nail polish.

10 ml costs 550 INR approx

2. Faces Magnetix Nail Color:

Faces Cosmetics is a famous and globally acclaimed makeup brand from Canada that has recently introduced Magnetix nail polishes in India. Magnetix is a range of magnetic nail enamels to provide you with revolutionary 3 dimensional nail art. With its magnetic lid, it helps you with ‘Do it yourself’ nail art. Faces Canada provides these Magnetix nail enamels in two pretty design variants- a diagonal wave pattern and a horizontal line pattern. The Faces Magnetix nail polish range has a lot of color variants and is reasonably priced. Faces Magnetix nail polishes are available widely, at all Faces counters in India.

9.8 ml costs 550 INR approx.

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3. China Glaze Magnetix Nail Polish:

The China Glaze Magnetix nail polishes are specially formulated and available in unique designs and patterns. The nail polish lid has the engraved design. The magnet is held over the nail to gravitate the design while the nail paint is wet. The result would be a pretty revolutionized nail art within a few minutes.

14 ml costs 600 INR approx.

4. Konad Magnetic Nail Polish:

Konad Magnetic nail polish India also has a line of magnetic nail polishes with the lids of the nail polishes having the engraved designs. This Konad magnetic nail polish saves you the double investment of buying the magnetic plates separately. It gives a superior lacquer finish, and you can easily create designs like diagonal or striped line patters with it.

9.5 ml costs 525 INR approx.

5. Gelish Magneto Nail Polish:

Gelish Magneto is a brand which has recently launched its magnetic nail polish range internationally. Gelish Magneto uses a design magnet that actually pulls the polish on top of the nail into unique designs. The design which the nail polish will create is printed on the nail polish bottle. The Gelish Magneto nail polish gives a superior finish and will last for a longer time. If you are looking for a good quality product and don’t mind spending the extra buck, then this is for you.

15 ml costs 2200 INR approx.

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6. Claire Magnetix Nail Polish:

Claire’s Cosmetics is a famous brand for nail polish and other nail art products. Here too, the designs are created with magnetic particles. The whole process of nail art tends to be a quick, fun and trendy way to create nail designs. The price of Claire’s Magnetix nail polish is also quite decent and will fit your pocket when compared to other brands.

9.7 ml costs 500 INR approx.

7. Shany Cosmetics Magnetic Nail Polish Set:

The Shany Cosmetics magnetic nail polishes are made with over 90% natural ingredients. The nail polish formula is almost natural and has its own unique colors. Shany Cosmetics has its own factory; therefore, each step of the process is monitored well and the marketing costs too are low. These magnetic nail polishes from Shany Cosmetics will not only look beautiful but are also eco-friendly. If you are a big fan of magnetic nail polishes, you should try out Shany’s magnetic nail polish set. This nail polish set comes with six amazingly different colors and also with magnetic nail art stamps with 6 different design patterns. The price is a bit on the higher side. However, you can get different nail arts done at your home itself with the help of this set.

10 ml costs 4356 INR approx.

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8. L.A Girl Magnetic Nail Polish:

L.A Girl Magnetic nail polish is a super affordable magnetic nail polish and my favorite from the list. If you are on a budget, this magnetic nail polish is a good option.  The L.A Girl magnetic nail polishes come with their own unique, built-in magnetic designs on every cap for easy designing of the patterns.

13 ml costs 268 INR approx.

9. Barry M magnetic Nail Polish:

The Barry M magnetic nail polishes are available in unique design patterns. There are spiral, horizontal, striped, diagonal, arrow etc design patterns. The metallic color comes with a magnet design located on the cap of the nail polish bottle.

10 ml costs 496 INR approx.

10. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish:

Sally Hansen is a well-known cosmetics brand. The Sally Hansen magnetic nail polishes are super shiny and long lasting. You can definitely try this for its amazing quality and superior finish formula with unique design patterns.

7ml costs 600 INR approx

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Have you tried any of these magnetic nail polishes? Do let us know in the comments section below. Here is an android app for nail art ideas you can download. It will also give you an idea of various nail polish swatches, nail art designs and a platform to share your own nail art pictures.

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