Hair is the woman’s crowning glory. Treat it well.

Beauty is a blend of a wonderfully healthy look, your hair, skin and body. You need be healthy and clean to look good. Essentially proper cleansing and conditioning is the key.

Taking care of your hair is a complicated job with the areas of concern being the scalp and the shafts . You have shampoos to do handle the cleaning. Post shampoos a good conditioner will help care for your hair and keep it baby soft.

A few tips to start you off on your sudsy journey

  • It is also imperative to identify your hair type and choose hair products accordingly. Color treated and damaged hair  require further care.
  • You may also need to supplement your shampoo routine with leave in treatments and other treatments. Dove elixir and Argan oil are good post shampoo options.
  • A good shampoo experience also depends upon whether you have oiled your hair or not. With oiled hair you will need a stronger shampoo. Choose a shampoo based on your needs.
  • Opt for sulfates and paraben free shampoos and conditioners

Shampoo and its Types:

Traditionally, we had a whole lot of choices like reetha and shikakai .The preparation and usage was difficult and time consuming. Especially when that reetha juice stings your eye!

To avoid that, we have plethora of shampoos available today in the market. There are many options based on hair concerns – curly hair, damaged hair, hair fall, dandruff, coloured hair and many more.

There are two main types of shampoo:

  • regular shampoos
  • conditioner-cum-shampoo

Always choose regular shampoos. The conditioner-cum-shampoo has both cleansing and conditioning ingredients which can clog the hair follicles.

The only function of a shampoo is to clean the scalp and the hair. Choose a separate conditioner to compliment your shampoo.

Dry Shampoo:

Sounds very unusual don’t it? It is an unusual product. Dry shampoos are popular due to the ease of use. It provides freshness without the hassle of shampooing every day.

How to use it

  • Dust the powder or spray it onto your hair
  • Brush your hair out .Your hair is as good as new!

This product removes excess natural oils from your hair in a jiffy!

Make sure the ingredients are hair friendly! Keep your eyes open for rice powder as they absorb oils and also don’t clog the follicles. Corn starches also as they help dry the hair.

Tips to get the best out of your shampoo:

  • Comb your hair before washing it. And, always apply shampoo on wet hair.
  • Use a dollop of shampoo or just enough of shampoo to cleanse the scalp and hair. If you use more shampoo, it may lead to dryness and rough hair.
  • You can also add a fistful of water to a dollop of shampoo to avoid the harsh effects of the shampoo. This lessens the damage caused by the chemicals in the shampoo and also prevents scalp irritation.
  • Always wash your hair with lukewarm water. Extra hot water can damage the cuticles.
  • When washing your hair, always use only the balls or the tips of the fingers to massage the scalp lightly. Avoid using nails while washing the hair as it can cause breakage.
  • Front -> Back and Right -> Left should be the direction to wash your hair. Make sure the way you wash your hair doesn’t create tangles.
  • Never flip your hair upside down to wash your hair and never pile you hair on the top of your head.

Using these tips will surely help you maintain your fabulous and gorgeous hair.Care for your hair and your hair will reward you by being Beautiful.

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