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  • Chapstick is a brand name? Yes it is! It is so famous that the word ‘chapstick’ is often considered to be synonymous to lip balm and the two are frequently used interchangeably! Chapstick is one of the most famous brand
  • Going au naturale is all very good when it comes to makeup, but honestly speaking, not many can flaunt a no makeup look with much ease! No matter what they say about looking natural, do you think the models and
  • Are you one of those many women who are over 50 and love makeup? Are you sure about your choices when it comes to makeup? If not, then this piece is definitely for you! For women in their golden years,
  • Gone are the days when all the focus was just on your hair, makeup, and clothes. Nails too have found a place in the fashion circuits! And why not? Your nails are an essential part of your body. They are always
  • Waking up at 3.30 am to put on makeup and then going back to sleep. Never removing makeup before everyone around is asleep. Sounds like fiction, right? But this is reality! This is no fictional character I am talking about.
  • Lip balm is more of a necessity today than just a makeup product, and why not? Lip balm cares for your lips, makes them look healthy and prevents them from getting chapped. Though the market is full of different kinds of
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