5 Helpful Makeup Tips To Make Your Pores Look Smaller

The pore size of the skin is genetically determined and it is not easy to make them appear physically smaller. In order to shrink the pores, an age-old natural tip is used, which is to splash ice cold water on the face and then apply egg-white mask. Though, these natural remedies worked fantastically for many, for few of them it did not!

If natural way to make these pores appear smaller didn’t work for you, we have a perfect solution, which is ‘makeup’. Now you must be wondering on how to make pores look smaller with makeup, right?

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How To Make Pores Smaller Using Makeup:

Here are top 5 makeup tips, which can instantly help in minimizing the appearance of your pores:

1. Use Primers:

The role of primers is very important in your makeup routine, especially if you have oily skin or combination of oily and dry skin. Primers minimize the appearance of pigmentation, blemishes, pores and fine lines by gently filling them. Offering a hint of glow to your skin, it also evens out your skin tone by neutralizing it.

One of the primary benefits of applying a makeup primer is that it seals the bigger pores on the skin, thereby making your skin appear even and smooth. It creates a blanket over the pores, so your foundation glides smoothly and appears flawless.

2. Use Pore Concealers:

Pore concealer is a unique makeup product that is translucent or tinted with color to suit your natural skin tone. It helps by temporarily filling the pore cavity, thereby creating an even and smooth base for other makeup products. Pore concealers are readily available in the market.

As the pore concealer sits within the deep pore pits, it is very important to cleanse your skin deeply after makeup application at the end of the day. The pore concealers are designed to cover small to large pores by tightening them and absorbing excess oil. You can take the product in a flat concealer brush and apply it to the areas with enlarged pores.

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3. Use Oil-free Foundations:

Mineral makeup foundations give a smooth, soft and natural finish. They help in minimizing the look of enlarged pores. The oil-free formula of the mineral foundation leaves the skin matte, thereby controls the excess oil accumulation, which can make your pores appear larger.

If you want to seal the appearance of those pores, always choose oil-free and matte formulas. It is best to try cream to powder foundation formulas as they provide better coverage and seal large pores than the liquid formulas.

4. Always Use Sponge:

When applying foundation, start by taking a very small amount and then add more coverage. Adding a lot of foundation at the beginning can leave your makeup draw attention to those enlarged pores and fine lines than trying to disguise them. It is a great trick to use a sponge instead of a brush for applying foundation as it provides better coverage and also conceals large pores really well. Remember to wash the sponges frequently to avoid bacterial accumulation.

Dip the sponge into the foundation and then create dabbing motion to press the product into the skin. Always create downward strokes to keep the look of your pores minimized. Finish your makeup with an oil-free compact or translucent powder to seal your makeup.

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5. Avoid Shimmer:

Shimmering highlighters, glittery blushes and glowing foundations contain high shimmer particles, which enhance the look of the pores. Hence, it is recommended to avoid these in the areas you have large pores. Choose matte formula products to keep the skin appear smooth.

Make your facial pores appear smaller and get the gorgeous flawless makeup finish with these top 5 tips.

Now that you know on how to make pores smaller using makeup, let us know if you’ll try these tips. Have you ever tried any other makeup tips to make your pores appear smaller? If yes, then feel free to share your tips by commenting below.

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