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8 Marvelous Benefits Of Cottage Cheese

8 Marvelous Benefits Of Cottage Cheese November 2, 2017

It is only recently that weight watchers around the world are embracing cottage cheese wholeheartedly. Not only that, for pure vegetarians also, having cottage cheese on a daily basis replenishes many protein and calcium needs. If you are not much of a fan of cottage cheese, then don’t keep it at bay for the rest of your life. There are many surprising benefits of cottage cheese that are not known to you now, but they may change your perception of it.

The following 8 points will enlighten you quickly on why you should stock up your refrigerator with branded or freshly made cottage cheese, pronto.

1. Assists In Weight Management:

Cottage cheese is surprisingly low in calories (1). If you include 100 grams of cottage cheese daily in your diet, you will get only 98 calories. Furthermore, it tastes extremely good when you prepare it right. Cottage cheese, being a rich source of protein, acts like a rock star when it comes to cooking up a healthy breakfast. If you are a juice or smoothie person, then blend cottage cheese with any of your favorite fruit to make a creamy smoothie that will keep you energized throughout the day. Not only that, you can stir-fry cottage cheese with some vegetables and have it as the filling of a hearty morning sandwich. Also, replace butter with cottage cheese as a spread on those whole wheat toasts. In this day and age where yogurt is still ruling the roost for being a healthy dessert after a meal, you can also incorporate cottage cheese to churn out yummy desserts that can keep your weight in check.

2. Source Of Protein:

Are you planning to give up on meat, but worrying over the daily quotient of protein? Then don’t worry, as cottage cheese is there to replenish the protein requirement of your body. Cottage cheese is rich in protein, can fuel your body and meet its energy requirements. If you are not going to eat those egg-white omelets or chicken roast at dinner anytime soon, then don’t delay and include cottage cheese promptly in your daily cooking.

This piece of information can be a little bit disappointing for the vegans out there who swear by almond milk as well as soy milk – cow milk contains the highest percentage of casein protein in it. As cottage cheese is churned out from cow milk, you will be a step ahead of your vegan peer group when it comes to getting a natural source of protein in your body (2). So don’t think that not eating a hearty breakfast of ham and bacon will dampen your spirits for the whole day. Embrace the beauty of cottage cheese with its protein benefits.

3. Comfort Food During Pregnancy:

If you are expecting, then cottage cheese should be your go-to food. Cottage cheese flaunts amazing amounts of protein, calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for the mother as well as the baby. Eating something during the time of pregnancy is quite tricky. You may feel nauseated just by smelling a certain food. Cottage cheese is mild and has no smell. So, there is a very slight chance that it can trigger nausea, which is common in pregnancy. Many pregnant women can’t drink milk as they feel like throwing up, or milk seems too heavy to digest during pregnancy. For them, cottage cheese can be a good replacement for that much-needed dose of calcium (3). Hunt down yummy and simple recipes from the internet revolving around cottage cheese and make your partner cook them for you! Also, if you feel too lazy to cook, then add it to a salad or make a veggie dip.

4. Treasure Trove Of Vitamin B:

The various B-complex vitamins that exist in cottage cheese work wonderfully when it comes to the brain development, metabolism and curbing down cholesterol. For instance, Vitamin B12 that is there is cottage cheese (4), works exceptionally well when it comes to absorbing iron as well as keeping your faculty sharp. Riboflavin plays a wonderful role in converting carbohydrates into energy. So, if you cook up an Indian style curry with cottage cheese and spinach and have it with rice, don’t worry about weight gain. The carbohydrates you have consumed will turn into a rich source of energy with the help of cottage cheese. Niacin is another wonder vitamin present in cottage cheese that feels like a godsend for those who suffer from recurrent indigestion. Not only that, niacin plays a very prominent role in reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood. So those who are suffering from high cholesterol can consume cottage cheese, moderately on a regular basis.

5. Easy On The Heart:

Cottage cheese goes easy on your heart. The daily consumption of cottage cheese, in moderation, may prevent a future heart attack. Cottage cheese is also good for diabetic patients as it maintains a steady blood sugar level (5). The credit goes to the copious amounts of magnesium present in cottage cheese. Magnesium has tremendous positive effects on the heart and the blood sugar level. But very few of us know its benefits for the maintenance of the nerves, the muscles as well as immunity (6). Magnesium is responsible for releasing multiple biochemical reactions in the body, thus leading to secretion of enzymes that support the cure of migraine, digestion as well as constipation too. Not only that, according to recent medical studies, magnesium has a calming effect on psychological disorders in the early stage. So, if you are feeling blue for the past few days, you can binge upon a cottage cheese-laden diet and then see where it takes your mood to.

6. Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is spreading like an epidemic the world over. If you are right now at your premenopausal stage, then the danger of breast cancer is bigger for you. Cottage cheese is a trusted source of calcium and vitamin D that have proven curing abilities for breast cancer. So don’t deny yourself the nourishment of this wonderful dietary item. Include cottage cheese in your everyday cooking. This study about the benefits of vitamin D and calcium on breast cancer had been taken up by Harvard School of Public Health, so you can well imagine the potency of this research (7). So, in the past if you had crinkled your nose at the sight of cottage cheese, it is time you chomp up a few chunks of cottage cheese to ward away cancer!

7. Anxiety Controller:

Cottage cheese is also a good source of potassium. Potassium acts as an electrolyte in the human body and it comes with a bucket full of goodness. Are you suffering from muscle cramps during menstruation? Do you find your work pressure too much to take and fear a brain stroke or nervous breakdown in the near future? The answer to these, simply put, is to eat more cheese! Potassium, found in cottage cheese, can act as a healer. But the biggest blessing of potassium in the modern days would be its role in leveling anxiety (8).

Potassium also acts as a super element in regulating the blood pressure levels and keeping the functioning of the brain intact. It keeps heartburn at bay, thus reducing the chances of a stroke. So, whether you are feeling stressed-out or have been advised by the doctor to check your diet to eliminate foods that cause heartburn, adding cottage cheese to your food list will bring lots of benefits to the table.

8. Supplies Antioxidants:

Selenium is an antioxidant that offers many things all at once – lowering the risk of prostate as well as colon cancer (9), protecting the cells and DNA from damage and many more. Cottage cheese is full of selenium that benefits all age groups. But do keep it in mind that an adult’s body needs just a little selenium – around 50 mcg-70 mcg. Consuming any more than that may backfire and cause other side effects. So when you consume cottage cheese, you should keep a tab on whether you are going overboard with it or not.

Some Tips For Consumption:

Everything is good for the health when you eat it in moderation. This also holds true for cottage cheese. The below-listed points will provide you with a quick guide on how to consume cottage cheese by keeping in mind certain factors.

  • If you have a medical history of high cholesterol in the past, then you must settle for cottage cheese made from skimmed or no-fat milk.
  • Every dietary product contains sodium more-or-less. Cottage cheese is also not an exception. You must keep in mind that excessive sodium is not good for health.
  • If the cheese is made from unpasteurized milk, you may face listeriosis (10).

As stated above, you must keep a tab how much cottage cheese you are in taking every day. If possible, consult with your nutritionist about the ideal gram of daily consumption. Like we always say – eat healthy, stay healthy!

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