Top 10 Medicine Ball Exercises And Their Benefits July 3, 2017

It might sound funny that just by using a medicine ball you can build your muscle power and strengthen your core muscles. But the fact is, when these exercises are performed diligently, it shows how well a medicine ball can be added to your daily regime to develop a hardcore physique.

  • The ball medicine workout is a replication of your chores you perform in your day to day life and hence, is easy to develop your core muscles.
  • Instead of focusing on just one muscle power, you will be concentrating on many core muscles at the same time.
  • The medicine ball helps you balance out your body energy.
  • The medicine ball workout regime helps you to build up resistance and lift things which are heavy in weight like grocery bags, buckets, furniture and many more.

So here are the top 10 exercises spelled out to make you fit and healthy, just with the help of a ball:

Medicine Ball Exercises

1. Big Circles:

The medicine ball is normally of 8 pounds and all one needs to do is move it in a different direction while stretching and flexing one’s muscles. The big circle is as simple as its name. You just need to hold the ball, and not changing the distance of the circumference in front of you, rotate the ball clockwise while holding it downwards and bringing it back to the same position. Just remember the process needs to go slow and not in haste.

2. Woodchopper:

The woodchopper is an exercise which focuses on your arms, back, thighs and hips. It’s like doing your squats; only change is that you lift the ball and pull it down as if cutting a log of wood and going up straight. Perform this with a nonstop movement of 15 repetitions to attain a perfect shape.

3. Standing Russian twist:

The standing Russian twist is quite easy and helps you create a balance and also works in building eye and hand coordination. As you hold the medicine ball in front of you raising both your hands till your chest level, take a deep breath and twist to one side. Do the same thing in the opposite side and regain your position.

4. Squat To Press:

In this exercise, you have to do the squats with an addition of the medicine ball. Pressing the ball and holding it towards your chest you squat down till you have your thighs in the same line as your knees. Once you are down there, with a slight jerk you should straighten upwards and raise the ball high. One must repeat this at least 10 times to see desired results in a week’s time.

5. Medicine Ball Sit up:

A sit up helps fortify the abs muscles and when done with a medicine ball, it helps the chest and the torso muscles too. As you lay down, hold your medicine ball in line with your chest and then just sit up and go down.

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6. Romanian Dead Lift:

The Romanian dead lift is the best balancing act one can perform. You can hold a medicine ball in one hand and lift the hand in the same line as you chest. Then bend forward on the leg which is on the same side as the hand holding the ball. You should not let the ball touch the ground while you do this. Form a T position by balancing your body on one leg only. Repeat the same exercise on the other leg to complete the entire regime.

7. Toe Touch:

The toe touch allows you to concentrate your entire energy on your abs and abdominal muscles. As you lay straight holding the ball on your head, lift your head and legs till the ball and the toes meet each other and slowly come back to the original position.

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8. 45 Degree Twist:

In this exercise, you need to take a position with the medicine ball straight in line with your chest with a 45 degrees lean backwards. As you set yourself, twist your torso with the ball towards one side without moving your legs. Stretch while twisting as much as possible and then repeat in the opposite direction.

9. Suitcase Crunch:

The suitcase crunch is similar to a sit up, only the knee is lifted in the same line as the chest. As the instructions state, one needs to lie down straight, and while pulling up your knee towards your chest, let the ball move above the legs. The exercise must be performed on one leg at a time.

10. Medicine Ball Push Up:

The medicine ball push up is no different than a normal push up; it just requires the support of the medicine ball.

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