6 Types Of Meditation Techniques And Their Benefits November 15, 2016

We all are aware about the benefits of meditation. Many doctors today recommend meditation to their patients. But now the question arises on how should you do it??

There are different meditation techniques for beginners and advanced practitioners and one can choose according to one’s liking and comfort.

Medicine Techniques

1. Concentration meditation:

In concentration mediation, you have to focus on a single point. You can either repeat a single word or a mantra for a long time, or focus on a single candle flame. Silently count in your mind or count the beads of the rosary while concentrating on your breathe. For a beginner, focusing your mind on a single point or activity can be quite challenging. So initially try to concentrate for few minutes and gradually increase the time duration.

Whenever you feel that your mind is wandering away from the point of concentration, you need to refocus your attention on the chosen object of your concentration. Through regular practice, you can meditate for a longer period of time and thus improve the concentration level. This is one of the simple meditation techniques.

2. Mindfulness meditation:

This technique is just the opposite of the concentration mediation. You need to regulate the thoughts as they come. It helps you not to jump to conclusions and reserve judgment.

You need to sit with your legs crossed or lie down comfortably. Close your eyes and let the thoughts pass through your mind. Breathe slowly and focus your attention on your breathing.

This technique of mediation is extremely popular if you want to indulge in introspection. It also helps you to analyse which direction your thoughts and feelings drift.

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3. Walking mediation:

Walking mediation simply implies walking, while being aware of every step that you take and simultaneously concentrate on breathing. This can be practiced anywhere, in a park, garden or in a room and at any time of the day.

People generally combine walking mediation and mindful meditation together for a better experience. For this, you need to close your eyes and slow down your steps, stay calm and relaxed. Walking mediation can be practiced alone or with another person or with a group.

4. Spiritual mediation:

It is the oldest form of mediation and is the most popular technique all over the world. You can experience peace, guidance and inner wisdom once the mind is quite. You should sit in an upright position, concentrate on breathing and slowly chant mantras or God’s name. Many people practice spiritual meditation as a prayer offering to God, as they believe that they can channelize their thoughts in a particular direction.

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5. Transcendental meditation:

This is an alternate technique of relaxation, in which you concentrate for 20 minutes on calming your thoughts everyday. To further ease the mind, mantras can be rhythmically repeated.

In this technique, the mind should remain passive instead of focusing on a single object or thought. There should not be any conscious effort on your part and the mind should be left alone. You should be constantly and unconsciously be infused with the power of “self-being”. This technique is known to increase intelligence, creativity and reduce high blood pressure.

6. Simple meditation:

This technique is designed solely for beginners. Include this in your daily routine, and set a time for 10-15 minutes every day. Perform mediation early in the morning before breakfast, as it is considered as the ideal time.

Choose a quite spot, where you will not be disturbed by others and eliminate interruptions and distractions. Sit quietly, close your eyes, relax your muscles and concentrate on your breathing. Continue this for 10-15 minutes daily.

Do try them and increase your meditation levels.

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