Top 10 Memorable Pictures Of Princess Charlene Of Monaco January 31, 2017

Princess Charlene is known for her exquisite fashion and style. Being Monaco’s first lady, she raised the funds for Princess Charlene Foundation that works on helping children through education and development. She is frequently seen attending international and big fat events

Latest Pictures Of Princess Charlene Of Monaco

Look at top 10 Princess Charlene latest photos that will definitely excite you.

1. Princess Charlene of Monaco with Resse Witherspoon

The beautiful Princess Charlene of Monaco is seen here with Resse Witherspoon, having a girlie fun moment as the later is awarded for her charity work. The Princess is actively involved in a lot of charity work across the globe. She has taken a keen interest in the contribution and differences she can make through her ways and means.

2. Princess Charlene at Racing

The Princess is also a sports enthusiast and has a liking for all Italian car brands, her love for speed is quite evident. She is seen here and captured in a photograph moments before she goes to attend a racing in one of the racing tracks in Monaco and is usually accompanied by her husband.

3. Charlene on Her Wedding Day

The Princess of Monaco, Charlene, looks beautiful and all fairy tale here in this photograph from her wedding day. Like any bride, she seems to be a little apprehensive of what she is going to face and happy at the same time about the onset of a new life that awaits her with her husband. She is married to Prince Albert.

4.Princess Charlene on iHOLA magazine Cover

Seen here on the cover of iHOLA magazine, for which she also gave an elaborate interview, the beautiful and ever graceful princess has worn a rather rare piece of royal jewellery, specially designed and made to order for her as per her husband’s requests. The princess lets the people take a look at her as a person through this cover and interview and shows that like all people out there, she too needs her support system.

5. Princess Charlene at Louis Vuitton fashion show

The beautiful princess charlene fashion made the entire fashion world sit up and take a note. She attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show with beautiful eye makeup and made heads turn with the effect she has managed to create with her new look. She looked ravishing and beautiful as ever and adds more class to her already graceful looks and features.

6. Charlene with Gold Medal

In a rather photograph, this one was taken before she became Princess Charlene. She is seen here after she won a gold in one of the All African games for her 100 meters freestyle. She is an avid swimmer and won many competitions in her time and prime.

7. Princess Charlene with an Old Lady

The Royal families across the globe are known for their association with charities and donations to various causes all over their country. Princess Charlene is seen here embracing an old lady at one of her many visits to a local hospital. She speaks to suffering people and keeps a constant check on their health. A simple smile and a small chat with the Princess does make them cheer up and forget pain for a while.

8. Princess Charlene of Monacco with White Dress

Princess Charlene has never given the fashion police and the fashion industry a chance to criticize her choice of clothes. She has in fact been a front runner and trend setter in many cases and made the fashion world take a note of the new trend she has set rolling. But her beautiful body and great looks, she makes for the perfect model for an amazing array of cuts and designs and it is a dream of many designers to design a dress for her.

9. Monacco with Red Lip Color

The ravishing and beautiful Princess Charlene has managed to grow older with grace and has two children with Prince Albert. She has managed to strike a balance when it comes to her responsibilities as a mother and as a member of the royal family. She is an active member of many charities and is an active participant as well.

10. Princess Charlene in Velvet Blue Gown

The princess stunned and silenced the fashion world when she walked in, dressed in a beautiful velvet blue gown with a beautiful red lip color. She carries her personality with the right amount of confidence. She shows the world what a beautiful and complete woman with the right attitude is capable of.

Hope you are impressed looking at Princess Charlene of Monaco in all awesome attires. Which of these inspired you the most? Feel free to share your views with us.

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