Top 5 Methods To Get Instant Fairness May 19, 2017

Have a party to attend and no time for facial? Annoyed with acne? Fed up with white and black heads? Looking for help with instant fairness? Will you believe me, when I say that all of this can be achieved effortlessly with everything that’s readily available in your house? I don’t mean to say that I’m going around with a magic wand when I say effortless skin, although I wish that was possible – let’s just say minimal effort. Let us cut through some diplomacy and speak for ourselves; we spend up a good chunk of our earning on cosmetics completely oblivious to the fact that we need to get our basics right.

If you ask me? Fair skin is a very relative word, rather an outcome and a process. Let me explain, our skin is exposed to so much grime, dust, and pollution every day while some of us(at least me) do not bother to do the basics. We can either go on forever, lamenting our luck or actually do something about it. Have you made up your mind? Then, let’s get to it to learn little details of skin regime that helps and also with face masks that help you with instant fairness.

Continue reading, and you’d agree that it isn’t so difficult after all.

Top 5 Methods To Get Instant Fairness

1. Clean, Tone And Moisturize

1. Clean, Tone And Moisturize Pinit

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For starters, remember C-T-M! Cleanse, tone and moisturize, I cannot stress this enough. Did I mention cleanse, tone and moisturize? This road will lead you to fairer skin. Let’s go over each of them, just so that we are all on the same page.

  • Cleansing

Cleanse your face at least twice a day – after you wake up and before you sleep. Splash cold water during the day if you can or pat with wet wipes during hot days. Invest in a good cleanser, foam or a face wash that suits your skin and thoroughly clean your face.

What You Need
  • Face wash or cleanser
  • Soft Towel
How To Use

Start by splashing water on your face. Then, take a pea sized portion of the cleanser and gently massage your entire face. Do not be too hard while trying to rub, just enough pressure to flush the dirt. Cleanse for a couple of minutes and rinse off with cold water. Softly pad dry with a smooth towel or facial tissue.

  • Tone

What’s this toner all about, you ask? Basically, taking cleaning one step ahead and that’s what a toner does. With the kind of pollution we are all exposed to, cleanser just doesn’t cut it anymore. A thin liquid that is usually made with essential oils and tree extracts, with a tinge of alcohol in some. Get a toner that caters to your skin type – it cleanses, hydrates and soothes your skin! Just dip or dab a couple of cotton pads with the toner and rub it all over your face, neck and decolletage area. Make this a ritual just before you hit the bed.

What You Need
  • Toner
  • Cotton Pads
  • Water
  • Soft Towel
How To Use

Dip the cotton pads in the toning liquid and wipe the entire face, thoroughly. Once you’re that you’ve  fully covered – wash your face with water and pat your face dry.

  • Moisturize

Once you’re done with toning, always follow it up with this moisturizing. This is the last leg to your skin regime for the night; during the day you’re compact, and other cosmetics can take the lead. Get a moisturizer that works for your skin type. Extremely dry skin needs special attention, so make sure you give what it takes. Also, go with cream with SPF protection and something that can shields it from sunburns etc.

What You Need
  • Moisturizer Or Hydrating face cream
How To Use
  • Take pinch size or portion from one pump to dispense the cream on your hands. Apply generously all over your face and neck.

2. Compact Powder

2. Compact Powder Pinit

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You’re not heavily into make up? Or, make up at all? Listen, I was like that too. However, this acts like a catalyst for cleare and fairer skin. It keeps your skin fresh and healthy by absorbing the sweat and grime, thus giving your skin an instant lift. There are also mineral based compact powders that are translucent, that silently sit on the skin without looking cakey or flaky.

What You Need
  • Compact Or Mineral Powder
  • Compact brush or sponge
How To Apply
  • The compact powder tins usually come with an applicator sponge for smooth application. You could also use a compact brush or get one for an even tone. You’re practically done!

3. Honey And Tea Water Mask

3. Honey And Tea Water Mask Pinit

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This is what I meant when I said that masks can be made right out of your households. Honey is a known  antioxidant that flushes toxins and so does tea. I’m not sure if you have tried any tea based hair conditioners, shampoos or hair masks, but black tea can do miracles. It does just that for  you skin as well and helps in skin whitening. Bringing them all together with rice flour that acts a scrub to exfoliate the skin can amp up your skin lightening process, almost immediately.

What You Need
  • Cold Tea Water – 1 Cup
  • Honey – ½  a Teaspoon
  • Rice Flour – 2 spoons
How To Use

In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients and make this into a paste. Apply it to your face and leave it till the mask completely dries up. Wash your face with cold water and pat dry. Repeat this procedure every alternate date or twice a week.

4. Orange and Curd Face Pack:

Orange and curd mixture works well on dark damaged tanned skin. Orange has skin lightening properties and works well as a face mask. Curd works as the cleansing component on the skin and gives brightening glow to the skin. Mix dry orange peels with curd and make a fine paste. Gently apply this pack on your face and wash it with chilled rose water after 10-15 minutes. It makes your skin look fairer naturally.

5. Turmeric Face Pack:

An all-time favourite of any girl! The results have always been so stunning and instant that this has now become a must ritual for a bride before the wedding day!

Turmeric has skin lightening properties. Milk works as the cleansing and moisturizing component on the skin and gives brightening glow to the skin. Mix gram flour, a pinch of turmeric and milk and make a fine paste. Gently apply on your face and let it dry for 10 minutes. Complete this mask by following it up with an ice facial, by gently rubbing ice on your skin for full 1 minute. Ice tightens pores and it makes your skin look glow naturally.

So, are you going to follow these top 5 home remedies to get fair skin instantly? Don’t forget to leave your comments once you have tried it.

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