How Does Milk Diet Help You To Lose Weight? June 21, 2016

When we think of weight loss, we think of foods low in fat and when we think of low fat, we aren’t exactly thinking about milk! However, researches have revealed that an exclusively milk diet can help people lose the excess kilos from their bodies. A far-fetched and baseless idea, as it may sound, it does force us to ponder how consuming only milk can lead us to a slimmer waistline.

Milk for Weight Loss:

It has already been known that milk in itself is a super food and has the potential to cure problems like insomnia, dandruff, migraines, appendicitis, impotence, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and many more. These troubles, as we know, lead to obesity in most people. Hence, when we consume only-milk diet, it helps us seek relief from all such troubles that we might be encountering, and in turn helps us reduce the excess body weight. It can thus be said that milk attacks the root cause of obesity as against the other weight loss methods that might merely be tackling with its effects.

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Let us see in detail on how effective is milk diet for weight loss:

  • An exclusively milk diet means that you are not consuming any refined sugars, which are one of the major causes of obesity.
  • Milk in itself is a bundle of nutrients that too in its simplest form. Hence, when you consume milk, you are consuming easily digestible nutrients that would nourish your body and relieve all its ailments.
  • Milk has ample calcium, which according to medical science, has the ability to help you lose weight, especially the fat depositions around your abdomen.
  • If you are consuming milk, you would not need any other detoxification agent in your system as milk will serve that purpose for you. Even in the traditional terms, milk has been regarded as a wonderful detoxification agent, which doesn’t starve the body like the modern detox methods. Milk nourishes the kidneys, liver and the digestive system. It also strengthens the circulatory system; all of which play a pivotal role in detoxification.
  • Milk diet leads one to gain lean muscle mass very easily. This lean muscle mass helps fight fat deposition in the body and helps one stay slim!

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The Research:

The history of the research behind milk for weight loss goes back to 1923, when Bernarr Macfadden released his book, ‘The Miracle of Milk’. The book basically stated how milk could be helpful in curing a large number of diseases, for which Macfadden created the milk-diet. However, with the passage of time, it has been learnt that following his diet, eventually leads people to lose their excess weight as well.

As per Macfadden’s research, an exclusive milk diet should include having milk with 4% of butter fat. At the same time, he asserts that this diet should be undertaken during spring or summers as that is the time when cows have fresh grass, which makes their milk more ‘curative’. Since, for Macfadden, the milk diet is a means of recovering from illness, he doesn’t advise much of exercise to be undertaken with this diet. However, if losing weight is your target, then putting in a bit of an extra effort in the form of exercise should not be a point of defiance.

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As we know by now, the purpose of milk diet is to resolve the issues being faced by the body and heal it, in turn, helping it lose the excess weight. The miraculous effects of milk diet have helped people lose up to 3 pounds of weight every week by drinking as much as 3-4 quarts of milk each day. Going on an exclusive milk diet can help people who are grappling with various issues with obesity, and fight their way to good health easily!

So, when are you going to try milk diet to lose weight? Have you tried any kind of unconventional diet for weight loss? Tell us about it.

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