Mime Makeup Tutorial

mime makeup Mime makeup is a very popular stage character makeup. Almost everyone at one or another point of their lives has tried copying a mime artist. Many of us may have also tried mime face painting with talcum powder mixed with water to create a white mime face.

Actual stage mime makeup is done with white face paints.  And these paints are definitely not good for your skin and should be avoided. So today we’ll show you an innovative way to do a temporary white mime face which will not be harmful to your beautiful skin. But remember don’t expect this makeup to last for very long on the face since with minutes passing by, it will get drier and drier and will start to crack. But nevertheless this is good for a temporary costume party or stage appearance of about 1 hour to 1 and a half hours.


Our Version of the Mime Makeup

Things you will need:

This is what we like to call our own little mime makeup kit!
1. Talcum Powder (any of your choice)
2. Body Lotion (any of your choice)
3. Skin ointment for acne (for oily rash prone skin which is sensitive to body lotion)
4. Foundation (just a pinch)
5. Water (for dilution)
6. A small spoon.
7. Liquid Eye liner
8. Red lipstick and
9. A lip brush.
10. Kajal

Mine Face MakeupTutorial


mime makeup tutorial1

Firstly clip your hair backwards so that it doesn’t get covered in any paint.


mime makeup tutorial2

Mix about 5 heaped teaspoons of talcum powder with half a teaspoon of foundation and 2 heaped teaspoons of body lotion. Now mix enough water to the mix and make a semi-thick face pack. Apply this evenly on to whole of face covering even the eyebrows and eyelids.

Step 3:

mime makeup tutorial3

Pour some lotion on a palette and take it bit by bit on to the back of the spoon and smoothen out the texture of the face pack. It will give you a glossy paint like finish.


mime makeup tutorial4

Use the lipstick with the help of the lip brush dipped in the lotion. This is important because the lips are covered with talcum powder and foundation mixture which will not allow you to apply lipstick perfectly on its own.


mime makeup tutorial5

Now take the applicator of the liquid liner and paint the border line of the face paint.

liquid liner makeup

Scrape the makeup which sticks outside the border line. Ultimately you should look something like below.

mime makeup tutorial5

Step 6:

mime makeup tutorial6

Now use the liner and paint eyebrows above your actual eyebrows in a curved fashion. Remember to be very precise else take the help of someone.


mime makeup tutorial7

Use the liquid liner to draw the eyes and extend the exteriors and interiors to create a dramatic effect.


mime face makeup ideas

Use kajal for the lower rim of your eyes.


easy mime makeup tutorial

Your mime make up is completed with some added decorations with your liner in vertical form

Step 10:

mime face makeup

You can also use your kajal or your liquid liner for added decorations like small hearts on the cheeks and black small lips instead of full red lips. Wear some accessories like a hat or a black cap to cover your hair and some white gloves to cover your hands .You are all ready for your act. Invite your friends over, create your own show and set the stage on fire with your mime act and mime makeup!

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    how pretty are you zinnia the way you makeup is really soooo awesome like it clearly nice i’ll follow every article and tutorial from you thanks :)

    • http://www.stylecraze.com/members/zinniamukherjee/ Zinnia

      Hey thank you soo much :D do try ..hehe it’s fun with makeup really….and sometimes u can make people laugh and smile or with mime acts ( they r soo awesome i love mime acts) you can even portray emotions soo well that you can make audience cry too :D thank you again soooo much for the lovely cmt :)

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      Hey Dear thank you soooo much :D thank you thank you :D try it, it’s fun… and not a paint ..so yes not harmful at all :D