10 Mind-Blowing Ways Whiskey Benefits You! Trust Us, We Are Not Drunk! September 3, 2015

All ears alcohol lovers! This one is really going to make you happy! For those of you who like whiskey, you must know that it is a refined beverage made out of various grains (wheat, rye, barley, corn), malted or unmalted, that are fermented and then aged in wooden barrels usually made out of white oak, that is charred.

It is a regulated alcoholic spirit that has many classes and types that are usually determined by how it is fermented, the grain used to make the drink, the kind of barrel in which it is fermented, and the method used for distillation. Whiskey, they say, is the best alcohol you can drink. It is supposed to be the healthiest alcoholic beverage that is the least likely to give you a hangover. Since it boasts of being the healthiest drink around, take a look at the different health benefits.

1. It Helps Avoid A Gain In Weight:

Of all the alcoholic beverages and cocktails that are available, whiskey contains the least number of calories with only 78 calories in a 35ml shot. The best part is that whiskey is a beverage that can be combined with water and ice, if you are on a weight loss mission. It will taste just as amazing or maybe even better than if combined with a cola. It also is low in sugar, and therefore, there are no calories from sugar.

2. Keeps The Heart Healthy:

Whiskey, like the other dark alcohols, is good for your heart. It reduces the risk of clotting blood, and also lowers the risk of heart attacks. Whiskey also contains a whole lot of antioxidants and these aid in the prevention of cholesterol clogging in the arteries. Whiskey is also known to boost the good calories that our body requires.

3. Cancer-Fighting Ability:

The antioxidant-rich whiskey also contains a substance called ellagic acid. This is also a kind of antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of the building up of carcinogenic substances. It also condenses the risk of further growth of cancer cells. This also decreases the oxidation in your body.

4. Increases Brain Health:

The results of a research conducted in 2003 proved that whiskey helps in the protection of the brain and also has a substance that reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

5. Reduces The Risk Of A Stroke:

This alcoholic beverage helps in the reduction of cholesterol and also sweeps out any cholesterol that is blocking the arteries. It relaxes the walls of the arteries, making sure that there is a free flow of blood. Prevention of a stroke is one of the best health benefits of whiskey.

6. Fights Stress:

In today’s day and age, stress is the root cause of all major diseases and problems in our lives. A peg or two of whiskey definitely calms the nerves and relaxes the body. It increases the circulation of the blood in the body, thus providing fresh oxygenated blood throughout the organs.

7. Boosts The Memory:

By now, you must already know that whiskey is loaded with antioxidants and also beautifully aids in the circulation of blood. It is these two factors that help in preserving and increasing the memory power. Drinking whiskey keeps the brain young and active.

8. Aids Digestion:

Whiskey is usually consumed after a meal so that it relaxes your body after a heavy meal. It also helps in shutting down your appetite so that you do not overeat. It also aids in digestion. Therefore, you do not have to worry about a stomach ache or indigestion, once you have had a heavy meal.

9. Lengthens Lifespan:

It is simple – if whiskey can reduce the risk of diseases, your life span is automatically increased. A lower risk of diseases means a slower breakdown of important life cells, and that translates into a longer life. However, if drinking isn’t controlled, and you end up driving after, the effects can be vice versa.

10. A Great Drink For The Diabetic:

Whiskey contains absolutely no carb-calories. So, there is no effect on your blood sugar levels if you drink this alcoholic beverage. This is, by far, the best choice of alcohol for blood sugar and diabetic patients.

This article, by no means, is promoting or encouraging the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is definitely injurious to health and these health benefits hold true, only if whiskey is consumed up to thrice a week. While whiskey might be a healthy alcoholic beverage, remember to drink responsibly. There is always someone waiting for you!