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Monsoon Feet Care Tips!!!

Monsoon Feet Care Tips!!! October 31, 2017

Feet carry us all throughout our life and we neglect it the most. It is often said that one glance at one’s feet can tell whether that person keeps himself/herself hygienic or not. Especially during the monsoon our feet needs the utmost care due to the moisture and humidity in the air plus, getting feet wet in the rain can cause bacterial and fungal infections like ring worm, itching and redness and not to mention smelly feet can happen. It’s high time that we cast a glance at our all along neglected feet by following some monsoon feet care tips..

Monsoon Feet Care Tips:

Keep Feet Clean:

It’s important firstly that to have a healthy feet to keep their feet clean and fungus free. How to do that? Well after getting your feet wet in the monsoon rain or after you come back home from work , just dip your feet into some lukewarm water with 1 cup of savlon or dettol. Dip your feet for 10 minutes and then wash the feet very well with an antibacterial soap like lifebuoy or dettol. Ultimately pat dry with the towel. It’s important to mention in this regard that the nails of the foot must be kept short clean during the monsoon , because fungal infections can be caused due to dust and dirt accumulation under the nails.

Talcum Powder:

After drying the feet with towel, apply some talcum powder and keep your feet free in the air for some time, by resting it on the sofa or tool. Or just simply sit on bed under the ceiling fan. Then wear socks if you are going out. If you have the problem of smelly feet, then apply talcum powder along with powdered camphor on the feet and then wear socks or shoes.

Choose Right Footwear:

Try not to wear high heeled shoes or canvas during the monsoon or shoes which are closed. Instead wear slippers and flip-flops which are nowadays available in a trendy variety of designs and colors, I am sure they can add a new style statement to your footwear collection. Even if water enters into your footwear, it easily evaporates and gets out through the openings and this would mean your footwear won’t get dirty or muddy or even go bad with the monsoon. Prevention is better than cure; the proverb stands good for even our wardrobe of shoes isn’t?

Wash Your Footwear:

Preferably after coming home wash your monsoon rain soaked sandals and slippers in antibacterial water. Follow by keeping them at an airy place to get fully dried up.


Exfoliating your feet regularly while taking a bath is one of the best monsoon feet care tips. You can do it by soaking your feet in plain water or lukewarm water. If you got enough time and mix up a foot soak (avon provides a great range of foot works like foot soak, scrub and moisturizer). If you don’t have foot soak , then mix up a normal hair shampoo enough to make foam. Then dip your feet for 5 – 10 minutes depending on the quality of your feet , whether it suffers from cracks or dryness.

Then scrub up with a scrubbing material or foot scrub especially made for feet. You can also use a pumice stone for this.


After drying feet with towel , you can apply your favorite moisturizer on the cracked areas , ( if you are going out for work in the morning, then after 10 minutes of applying a light moisturizer , apply talcum powder if you need to and follow up with socks or just dry your feet and get going for work.). You can do this at night also, or as an extra follow up after the day’s hard work. You can then follow up with some sweet almond oil and olive oil massage on to the feet or a heavy moisturizer (avoid moisturizer application between toes when you wear socks after massage).


Don’t forget to go in for a regular pedicure or follow a pedicure at home only, Required things are a foot soak or shampoo in lukewarm water, some lemon juice and a pumice stone or foot scrub. Don’t push the cuticles, clean the underneath of nails well, file, buff, and polish, accordingly. Ultimately apply glycerin and massage well. If you go to a parlor make sure the instruments are clean and sterilized, so that you don’t get your feet contaminated with fungal infection.

Foot Mask:

If your skin can get all your attention, why can’t your feet? Now try this mask for your feet as well. Mix 4 tbsp of fullers’ earth or multani mitti and along with it add 2 drops of lavender or jasmine oil and half a teaspoon of turmeric and dried crushed neem leaves about 1tbsp (sp. For monsoon since neem and turmeric contain anti-bacterial properties) ,and mix with warm water and make a paste. Apply on clean dry feet for 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Wash off pat dry . Massage with olive oil. Get the wonderful feet you always longed for.

As long as you maintain your feet dry, you can enjoy the monsoon as much as any of the season. The only thing is to keep all these monsoon foot care points in mind to take care of your feet.

Thus follow them and stay away from infections!

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