Rangoli is a decorative and colourful design made on the floors especially during festive occasions. These are considered sacred and are meant to serve as welcoming areas to Gods.

Rangolis are usually colourful (though you can find monochrome designs too) and are made using several materials like flower petals, rice, flour etc. In Eastern and Southern regions, Rangolis are made using a mixture made of grounded rice mixed with water, and are specially called Kolams (in Tamil Nadu).  So each region has its own ways of doing their rangolis.

Of these myriad designs, Flower rangoli is something we all love and since it’s very popular across the country, we have selected the top 25 Flower Rangoli designs which you can use for ready reference the next time you are drawing one.

The most common flowers used in Flower ranglois are are daisies, roses and marigolds. Not just flowers but leaves are used in flower Rangoli too. So let’s quickly look some of the most popular Rangoli designs.

Rangoli designs with flowers

onam pookalam designs

1. This one is a spectacular flower rangoli using flowers of various colours. The Rangoli here has roses, daisies, different coloured marigolds and much more. This one is a very difficult design and the theme is Floral and Romantic. The flower shape has been given a twist with the emphasis on the heart shaped patterns. All in all, this is a fantastic design for any occasion and can be done on even anniversaries or weddings too.

flower rangoli designs

2. This one also includes loads of colours which makes it a very colourful Rangoli. The center of attraction is the Diya. The orange colour of the Marigold becomes the primary colour in this rangoli and the white and purple spiral shapse on the border adds to its uniqueness.

3. This one is a rightful justification for the term – Flower Rangoli because it’s a Rangoli in the shape of a real flower and is made up of flower petals as well. We love how the five petals of the flower in the rangoli are done using multiple coloured flower petals. We also love the added rose petals in the center of the design.

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onam pookalam

4. This one is another very colourful design that includes loads of colours and is really a great way to celebrate any festive day. As it is very colourful, it can be used on any occasion like Diwali, other religious functions or on any other day too. But we think this makes a very pretty Holi Rangoli, especially due to its colour play. Do you agree?

onam pookalam designs 2012

5. Here is another bright and colourful rangoli made with Flower petals. The special touch in this rangoli is the lotus buds used in the center to decorate the Rangoli. The use of colours is also great and makes this design a great way to make your home colourful in style. We also love those flower replicas created in the middle of each yellow flower petal using Rose petals.

flower rangoli designs with dots

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6. Swastika is the sign of all things good and holy for the Hindus and here we see a very pretty swastika being created with beautiful flower petals. This complex design using petals of various colours is an apt representation of the Swastika which is said to be very holy. So you can do it on any occasion like a wedding, or Diwali or Holi too.

flower rangoli designs for diwali

7. Now this one, we feel is quite unique from the ones we are used to seeing. This one is created keeping in mind the occasion of Diwali so the diyas on either corner make it even better. We also love the large array of colourful petals used for the rangoli.

onam pookalam 2009

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