Muslim Bridal Makeup – Step Wise Tutorial With Images August 2, 2016

Ask a person to list some of the most memorable events in their lives and their wedding is sure to figure among the top three. It is undoubtedly one of the most important days in a person’s life. More so for the bride as she is bound to be the cynosure of all eyes.

Unquestionably a girl would like to look her best on the D-day. Unfortunately with the new breed of inexperienced and low grade makeup artists cropping up in the local saloons, the probability of a bride not getting the right look is very high. Imagine if you could do your own makeup. Would that not be great? Surely, nobody knows what suits your skin the best or what look you would be the most comfortable with, better than you do!

An Islamic wedding is rather less hectic when compared to a traditional Hindu wedding as there are only a few rituals and the bride has the freedom to dress up the way she likes. Here is an easy guide for a muslim bridal makeup.

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Indian Muslim Bridal Makeup:

This particular look has been designed for the eyes to be the central attraction so the makeup highlights the eyes with a bright shade of blue.

Step 1:

Clean your face with a good cleanser. Use a heavy duty makeup remover to remove any traces of existing makeup and then follow it up with a toner and a moisturizer. Use products which you would normally use and do not experiment with new products on this day.

Step 2:

Conceal any spots, blemishes or dark circles that you might have with a concealer. If you want the makeup to last really long, use a face primer before applying your foundation.

Step 3:

Apply a good foundation. The one used in this look is ‘Lotus Purestay Foundation’. It has been applied with a foundation brush. You can use your hand or a makeup sponge instead. Blend in completely and look out for streaks and uneven application. The foundation should be light and preferably without SPF as it tends to oxidize less and does not make you look white with flash photography. Do not forget to apply some on the neck too as it looks quite unpleasant if you have different coloured face and neck.

Step 4:

Apply a primer on the eyelids or use a good concealer to create a smooth base for the eye makeup. Pat a bit of translucent or compact on the eyes before beginning the makeup.

Step 5:

For this particular look, a bright blue eye pencil has been used on the eyelids as a base. You may apply the eye shadow directly but having a creamy base makes it stay much longer. After the pencil apply the eye shadow on the inner two thirds of the eye lid. While applying always use a good quality brush/applicator and tap off the excess so that there is minimum fallout.

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Step 6:

Take a black eye shadow and apply it over the outer part of the eyes. You can choose between glittery black or matte black. The one used for this look is matte black.You may also use a kajal pencil to create smokey eyes.

Step 7:

Take a fluffy blending brush and use a sweeping motion from the black eye shadow onto the blue one. This will blend the two shadows together and create a smokey effect. If you feel the shadow has become less intense, add a bit more and blend again.

Take a bit of the black eye shadow onto a small brush and apply it on the crease and blend it in towards the inner corner. Blend again using the fluffy brush to remove any harsh lines.

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Step 8:

Line the lower lash line with the blue eye shadow. Now line the eyes with a black liner just to define the shape. Make it as thin as possible. You can also use a thin line of kohl on the lower lash line.

Apply a highlighter shade just under the brow bone and a bit on the inner corner of the eyes. Here a pale golden eye shadow has been used on the brow bone and a white highlighting shade for the inner corner.

Step 9:

Finish off with loads of Mascara. You may also curl your lashes.

Step 10:

Clean the fall outs from the eye makeup and prepare for blush. Cream blushes give a dewy finish when compared to the powder ones. Take a bit of the blush on the tip of your fingers or on your brush. Start from the apples of your cheek and work towards the temple. Keep a light hand and build up the colour as per your requirement.

Step 11:

Sweep a layer of loose powder or translucent powder on top. Use a fluffy face brush and tap off any excess while applying to avoid a cakey look.

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Step 12:

Line your lips and apply a natural pink colour. Lotus Pink Blush has been used for this look as it is a very natural shade and balances the eyes perfectly. You may use any other natural, nude or neutral shade. Top it with some gloss and you are ready to go.

eye colour spell Pinit

The eye colour can be changed to any colour of your choice- blue, pink, maroon or even red. Just be mindful to check the lip shade accordingly as with a pink makeup it would be better to use nude or coral lips.

So the next time you want to put on some crazy muslim bride makeup and paint the town red, do not hesitate to pick up your brushes/liners and boldly experiment with colours and strokes. Follow the above mentioned guidelines and you would realize that looking like a million bucks does come easy after all!

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  • Risa

    nice tips :) it would be cheaper to do your own makeup for important days like this as well I assume and at least then you don’t have to look back on the picture ten years later and grimace! :)

    • Shabby

      That’s the main reason I hate doing makeup from unknown persons and MUA’s for special days. It’s best if you have some spare time and simple essential makeup items that you d your own makeup. if you are not sure about your skills it’s better to practice than to give the responsibility to an unknown person who will decide what she would do on you just within a few minutes of knowing you. Most of the times it results in wrong and exaggerated makeup or horrible looks.

  • Devika

    Nice article shabby i will try this look thanks for the share ..

    • Shabby

      Welcome Devika. Do try this as I’ve tried to keep this as simple as possible with very few products.

  • Meena

    I never tried this makeup does it look that good can u share some more pics with us…

    • Shabby

      Hiee . . Even I was very skeptical at first. But it turned out to be very nice. It’s about your color choices actually. You can replace it with any possible color and continue. If you are not sure of bright color try sober and common colors like pink, pale yellow, bronze etc .. Keep experimenting and see what works for you. :)

  • Laasya

    very useful article i will try it for sure nice post shabby :)

    • Shabby

      Welcome Laasya . .I’ve kept it very simple so it would be easy for anyone :)

  • Tarunima

    Nice tutorial shabby very useful thanks for sharing :)

    • Shabby

      Welcome Tarunima . .do give us feedback when you try it and post pics on stylecraze :)

  • slb

    which lag rai he ye

  • slb