Must Have Lipstick Shades April 21, 2016

We all just LOVE lipsticks and for most of us not a single day can pass without it. And this is precisely why a lipstick can’t be picked just at random! It isnt’ just about the money. It is more of an investment of time in figuring out the right shades. And it is also highly emotional as for most of us looking good is so very important.

So lets take a look into all the important lipstick shades that are a must have in every woman’s kitty and why!

Nude lipstick:

This is a color which can be worn on a sunny day, or to an evening occasion like at a party, with bold and dark eyes and still manage to take every man’s breath away! And hence we say it is a must have!

They are a major quandary for most girls. This problem gets magnified if you are really pale. Now lipstick in nude means choosing a color that is similar to your lip’s skin color. If u are among the few people who aren’t tanned and look real pale, then you possibly can have a little problem wearing nude lipsticks. This is definitely troublesome lipstick shade for dark skin category when it comes to teaming it up with a heavy eye look! So watch out ladies and tread careful. Make sure that the shades suits you before you pick it.

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But if you are still looking, then the MAC store is one place to definitely visit for this range.

Pink Lipstick:

Pink is a shade that most girls like. It’s a universal girly girl color. I am also an ardent lover of pink lipstick shades. Skin tone doesn’t matter here. From black to brown, to yellow to pale skinned complexions, all skin complexion ladies can carry off pink lipsticks with total hits. This is definitely the  perfect lipstick shade for fair skin and every other skin shade and tone you can come by!

But while choosing the shade, you must make sure the amount of tan your skin has. The paler you are the more light pinks you should opt for and vice versa. It’s a must have for all girls and especially for teenagers who are the newbies in the world of fashion and makeup.

Another amazing thing about this shade which I personally feel, is that no matter what your age is pink suits every single person. It makes you look and feel vibrant and younger. Don’t you think so?

Focus on the shade you need here and not the brand. Every brand you can think of has an extensive pink range!

Berry Lipstick:

Berry lipsticks can be good for outings with friends, especially where you need to be casual and chic. So it’s a must have. Nothing can replace it. There are various berry shades of lipsticks in the market specially termed as “Berry shades”, even the elle18 Nail pops has a small cute berry color that you can try on.

Look out for the Maybelline, Revlon and MAC for shade choices! They really have some stunning options to pick from.

Brown Lipsticks:

Brown lipsticks are a craze among party lovers. It never goes out of fashion. But you need to tune it with right and good clothes. Not every piece of clothing suits brown lipsticks. If you go for dark cocktail dresses and a brown lipstick, then the odds are that people won’t be able to take their eyes off you. But if your dress is brown, then go for a lighter rather than a darker shade of brown and you’ll look dashing. A dark brown in this case will not have the same effect.

If you hair has red or copper highlights, then bronze brown shades and matte browns on your lips are definitely going to catch every single eye in a party! It’s no doubt a must have!

Go and check out every brand from Lakme to MAC. Never know which one of them has the right shade for you as there plentiful shades with in brand.

Red Lipsticks:

Red lips never go out of fashion. From Hollywood celebs like Angelina Jolie to Kim Kardashion to Katy Perry to Rihana and Beyonce to Kate Winslate ( remember the Titanic? Kate Winslet wore different shades of reds, somewhere dark, somewhere matte light red throughout the film except at certain occasions where she sported a dark nude/brown), this red lips fashion keeps coming back now and then at the red carpet.

It can give you a retro look or a modern chic look, depending on your hairstyle and the type of dress you wear. I love red lips, now and then I sport it. And I also sometimes ( during the day time that is) love puffing a bit of powder on it. It definitely has a maroon lip lining and have a matte look for lips, since i know the sun won’t let me wear a matte look on face for long time.

During nights if i go out, then I love wearing it with gloss and a comparatively matte puffing on face, so it’s all about glossy contrast mainly since i have oily skin.

I would say some of the best reds are found at the MAC and Colorbar counters!

Maroon Lipsticks:

This is also a hot party favorite amongst the celebs and it is my favorite too! I am not a big brown lipstick fan but i love the maroon shade. It can go with any dress color like maroon itself or reds, or dark blues. It is good for a formal occasion and even for office wear. With a talc puffed matte finish, it can look really classy and formal. And it is definitely is a good way to hit a party too.

Coral Lipstick:

Coral is another shade that we deem a must have! This shade has the amazing ability to be eye catching and yet delicate at the same time. Yes, so you can still keep your soft and delicately feminine look while not having to be one step behind the more daring shades.

Here is another reason why it deem it a must have….there is a shade of coral that is made for every skin tone and shade. It is perfect for everyone and can look subtle and also playful depending on the shade that you pick!

If your planning on a coral shade, then make sure that MAC is on your list of brands to check out!

Peach Lipstick:

Every body wants to look fun and stylish at the same time. And the peach shades are just the way to go about it. This range of shades adds a very spunky feel to your whole look. And frankly speaking if your looking to keep you makeup simple yet insanely catchy, this is the way to go. This shade is best pulled out when your skin still has a dew shades of the tan on it. And if you tend to live in a zone where the tanning isn’t a rare summer deal, then your simply way to lucky!

For this shade, there is always MAC but you can also give lakme, revlon and colorbar a try!

So these were the great shades of lipsticks that all of us should own. If you still lack in one of the shades mentioned, grab one today and flaunt your style quotient!

  • Chitra

    Berry shades , plums and burgundy are in trend now, we seeing a lot of celebrities both from bollywood and hollywood wearing these dark colors lipsticks. Though they are a little on the bolder side they look ravishing when paired with the right dress and classy hair do. Bright pink is a lovely and fresh color. Kareena kapoor was seen wearing this peppy color and she pulled it off very well like always:)

    • Zinnia

      Yea kareena pulls off shades easily.. :D thank you for the lovely comment :)

  • Meghana

    Hi zinnia ! My hair is medium golden blonde, i have light blue eyes and olive tan skin. Anyone know what color of lipstick I can wear? Please let me know if there are extreme shades I can use too! I use light eye make up usually so I want to go thicker with my lip makeup.

    • Zinnia

      Well Meghana since u have blue eyes, then browns will work for you ( may be in matte finish) and for reds you can go really light shades of red they will accentuate your eyes without much eye makeup. Well thats my suggestion, though you can drop into any store and select shades , :D ..these two should suit you the best , however you should own one shade of each of the ravishing colours that r a hype these days ! Sry abt the late reply , but thank you for the lovely comment :D

  • Apeksha

    Wow!!! amazing lip color collection!!!! i would love to own each of them!!! Megan Fox and Kim Kardarshian carry it off beat!!! super cool shades!! today itself im gonna pick up those berry and red shades.

    • Zinnia

      ooh yea berries and reds cnt be overlooked, they must constitute one big part of a girl’s wardrobe.. :D that too in diff shades ;) hehe Thank you for the lovely comment ! :) ;)

  • Kittu

    omg…<3 i love the reds and the berries here!!! so so cool colors to try… good write up Miss!!! im sure to try all these hues. Kate is my favourite.. and im sure to try her colors…<3

    • Zinnia

      LoL Kate is my fav too :D and i love reds too :D though not much into berries but experiments are cool sometimes :D thank you for ur lovelyyyyyy comment ! :)

  • Nisha

    Hey super awesome colors.. would love to try each of them. can you suggest which one would suit me? my hair is dark brown with red highlights, which have faded now.. so my hair has a golden brown tint.. and my skin complexion is fair.

    • Zinnia

      Red Definitely with a pinkish tone to it, since ur fair.. Thank you for your lovely comment ! :D

  • kb

    Hey i really want to know the name of the pink lipstick that kim is wearing?

    • Zinnia

      LOL :D i wish i knew the name :D don’t have kim’s number or wud have asked her ;) still it looks more of a fuchsia pink to me , lakme’ enrich satin lip colour range has a similar shade , though ive forgotten the number of the shade :) thank u for ur sweet comment :)

  • SK

    Very nice article.. :) All colors are too good.. Will forsure by the nude and berry shades too.. i recently bought a red color colorbar lip stain for my bday.. its one awesome color.. really in love with it.. :) bold is way to go.. :)

    • Zinnia

      yayi bold bold bold :D thank u for ur sweet comment :D

  • Meeta

    I really like the new nude and pink shades.. orange also seems to now be dominating the market… im planning to try one :D

    • Zinnia

      hmm true meeta :) thanks for the nice cmt :)

  • sunandhasai

    Good one:) Love these lippies ! plums and reds are striking this season, and i think will remain for a while now:) I am not a fan of nudes and light shades though! love to try the darker tones:)

    • Zinnia

      thank u for ur lovely cmt sunandhasai :) hugs