Natural Tips for Healthy Tanning October 14, 2015

Fair skin looks undoubtedly great but at the same time many of us crave for a sun kissed bronze golden tan too. So here we are putting forward some of the sleeve tricks and tips with which fair skinned people can flaunt their tans without any sun burns.

Five natural tanning tips to practice while tanning:


Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin and makes the tanning process even easier and faster.

Make sure you exfoliate the entire body for an even and a beautiful tan from head to toe.

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Sun burns:

Fair skinned people are more likely to get affected by the sun. They get sun burns faster rather than a healthy tan. A healthy tan can leave the fair skin with a lovely sun kissed touch. There’s a thin line between a sun burn and a healthy tan. If natural tanning is not practiced in the right way they are chances of developing a skin cancer or any other skin related issue. So watch out and take care the next time you step out for a tan.


To have a healthier and a glowing tan make sure you moisturize your body in regular intervals. Tanning dries up your skin completely and it leads to sunburns which are not safe. The key for getting a healthy tan is to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. So moisturize regularly to keep up the glow and shine of your tanned skin.


If you are planning to get a healthy tan under the sun,then remember that the UVA and UVB rays are very harmful to the skin as they can cause cancer. So apply a sunscreen with a lower SPF so that the UV rays don’t harm your skin while tanning. Also don’t forget to wear a hat that helps in a damage free hair and it also protects your eyes from the sun rays. So wear a perforated hat or shades or both. It does look kinda cool too!

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Tanning Lotion:

Use a self tanning lotion containing sodium PCA for better tanning. This is considered to be the best tip for natural skin tanning.

Apply a body lotion:

This keeps the tan stay longer. Aloe vera lotion is very effective as it moisturizes the skin amd makes the tan last much longer.

Soothing mask:

Make sure you sooth and calm down your skin after the tanning session with a face pack which will hydrate and get back the shine, keeping your skin sun kissed and at the same time not letting your tan wear off completely.

  • Take some mashed beetroot mixed with cucumber juice and mashed potato.
  • Let it be in the measure of teaspoons in the ratio of 2:1:2.
  • Start applying the mix on the face, neck and leave it for about 15 minutes, followed by a face wash.
  • This mask acts excellent for cooling the face.
  • Not to forget drink loads of water and keep your skin hydrated.

If you have got any more ideas, do share your comments on natural skin tanning below.

  • Aavani

    You r amazing Zinniya,
    thnx for this Tips you like my favourite beauty guru!!!
    I haven’t tried Soothing mask on my face yet. I am going to try out the Soothing mask.Thanks for the valuable info!!

    • Zinnia

      OOH MY GOD , AM FLATTERED SERIOUSLY :P Thank you soo much Dear :) , i love the soothing mask myself mostly during summers , if i go out, but i don’t tan my skin, i like the Indian fair complexion that i got , am f9 wid that :) and Thanks again, can’t thank enuf for ur lovely words :)