The dispute whether negative calorie food exist has prevailed for long. Many expert dieticians comment that actual negative calorie foods rarely exist. Only water is an element that fulfills all the criteria of a negative calorie supplement. An ideal negative calorie food should involve more ‘caloric cost of digestion’ than the ‘food’s caloric content’.

In general, we refer to ‘very low calorie foods’ to imply the negative calorie diet. Some common sources of these very low calorie foods include green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Most of the negative calorie foods are rich stores of fiber. In addition, the water content of all such foods is considerably high. For their high nutritional value, these foods are considered the best for rapid fat burning.

Top 10 Negative Calorie Food List:

You must be eager to know how the negative calorie diet work. Their main feature of course is a very low level of calorie. You would require more energy from the body to digest these foods. The temperature within these foods helps speed up the metabolism of the body, which in turn helps burn calories fast. The chemical contents of these negative calorie foods encourage sustainable weight loss. Therefore, these food ingredients are ideal to incorporate into one’s regular diet for a healthy living style. Check out the top 10 negative calorie foods that taste great and have high nutritional value.

1. Green Tea:

green tea

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Green tea is an excellent source of EGCG antioxidants. It helps to complement our regular fluid intake. A single glass of green tea works throughout the day to burn calories. Green tea has a light flavor and it tastes even better with a hint of lemon.

2. Whole Grain Bread:

Whole Grains

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Whole grain bread is the richest source of high quality edible fiber. It is loaded with essential nutrients. The amount of carbohydrates in whole grain bread is considerably low when compared to normal bread.

3. Salmon:


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High in protein, salmon fish is an affluent source of good fats, which are known as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids aid weight loss significantly. Several mouth-watering delicacies can be prepared with salmon.

4. Berries:


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Berries are another rich source of antioxidants. These sweet-tasting fruits help in removing harmful toxins from the body. Regular consumption of berries is healthy for a clean and strengthened immune system.

5. Broccoli:


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No list of nutritious foods will be complete without broccoli. A storehouse of all essential nutrients, broccoli is a very important negative calorie food one should intake frequently. The best part of negative calorie foods is that you can eat them as much as you want, without any restriction.

6. Onions and Garlic:

Onions and Garlic

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Onions and garlic are not proper foods, but they are food ingredients. Both of these ingredients are stuffed with essential edible minerals. In addition, the oils present in garlic and onion help to increase the metabolism and break down fat.

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7. Orange and Lemon: 

Orange and Lemon

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Citrus fruits are the king of negative calorie foods. All of them are affluent sources of antioxidants and water-soluble vitamins. They provide our health with necessary immunity to fight against several ailments. Citrus fruits are the best for our skin as well.

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8. Brown Rice:

Brown Rice

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If you happen to be one of those like me who cannot spend a day without rice, brown rice definitely makes a healthier option for you. Brown rice tastes great and contains high amounts of fiber. The amount of carbohydrates is also significantly low in this foodstuff.

9. Lean Meats:

lean meats

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Lean meats like chicken and beef are high in protein. They help expedite metabolism, and aid in building body muscles as well. Lean meats also help to repair the damaged body cells.

10. Yoghurt:


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An excellent source of protein, good bacteria and antioxidants, yoghurt is a source of essential dietary supplements. You can confidently add a small bowl of yoghurt to your regular diet, as it does a lot of good to your health.

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  • PapaFronds

    These things are healthy, but not negative calories. Making up gimmicky ridiculous “magic pill” terms like this is part of the reason we have an obesity epidemic.

  • Omega First

    Negative calorie foods include ice water and that is all.