• Shahnaz Husain is a pioneer in herbal skincare. She has inspired thousands of women to include natural ingredients in their beauty regime. A successful entrepreneur with over 400 beauty salons across the world and a formidable range of herbal beauty
  • A good pair of shoes ensures comfort and helps you stretch yourself to walk or jog an extra mile. The shoes should be supportive, comfortable and above all, fit you properly. Studies show that ill-fitting footwear can lead to irreversible
  • Christian Bale is good looking—that’s stating the obvious! Women all over the world love him for his looks and acting skills, while men admire him for his dedication. One of the hottest English actors, his performance in the Batman series
  • Celebrities have impressive personalities and carry themselves with elan and panache. They become sought-after personalities due to their status and career attributes. They become highly popular and have a huge fan following. Their status is carried forward to their off
  • Tattoos have always been considered a way of self- expression, and Hollywood celebrities are certainly setting trends with unique tattoo designs! Speculations are rife that Jessica Alba, of the Fantastic Four Franchise, is tired of her ‘Ladybird’ tattoo, a design
  • In the run for leading a healthy lifestyle, you will be eating, working out, and sleeping right. However, are these factors sufficient to keep health issues at bay? There are times when certain habits of ours lead to serious health
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