No More Heat Straightening July 9, 2015

Tired of brittle and weak hair that you are losing at an alarming rate due to regular use of heating plates to straighten your hair?

Here is a no heat hair straightening technique to get straight flowing hair!!!

This takes about 20 minutes, depending on the texture and length of your hair. Here is step by step tutorial on hair straightening without heat:

Hair Straightening without Heat – Technique

a. Your hair needs to be very well conditioned and you need to try this only after you have shampooed you hair. If you don’t have time to shampoo, then just spray your hair with a little bit of water using a spray bottle. Comb the hair slowly and thoroughly (I know combing wet hair is not advisable but for this you need to)

b. Next step take any hair gel of your desired choice and apply on the full length of your hair from roots to tips.

 c. Comb out with a shampoo comb and then with a densely toothed brush or preferably using a paddle brush. This will tame the frizziness.

d. Next tie your hair with a holding clip into a mid high pony. Take your hair length on to the side .

e. Turn on a table fan. Comb your hair with the paddle hair brush, slowly in front of the fan, so your hair gets all dried out slowly and steadily. Keep doing so till all your hair is dried, smoothened and dried.

f. Repeat on the other side by taking the hair to the other side. Open the clip and let your hair down. 

This really promises great results. I love wavy hair, which I have and sometimes I love curls too. This method is great for people who want no heat straightening.

However, if you have highly frizzy hair, then after brushing your hair and after it’s dried, quickly add another two steps (before opening clip).

Step one : Turn off the fan.

Step two : Spray some strong hold hair spray and quickly in repeated succession comb your hair 2-3 times. Your newly found straightening will now last the entire day till your next wash. 

Other ways for straightening hair without heat –

Rather than spending on costly straightening products and chemicals, you can also acheive straight hair by using some easy ingredients available in your pantry. Though they act gradually on hair, they give the desired effect without causing any hair damage.

  • Milk – Add milk and water in a spray bottle and sprinkle on the entire hair. take a wide toothed comb and comb throughout the entire length so that the milk is evenly spread through the hair. Leave for an hour and then shampoo the hair. Straightening effect lasts until you wash the hair.
  • Milk and Honey – Add honey to milk and apply this mixture on the hair. This is a very healthy treatment to treat dry and wavy hair.


  • Egg and Oilve oil – Add a teaspoon of olive oil to 2 beaten eggs. Apply this mixture using a hair brush, leave for about 2 hours and then wash off the hair.


  • Lime juice and coconut milk – Mix lime juice and coconut oil until you see a frothy mixture. Store this in a  refrigerator and leave for a day. Apply the mixture on to the scalp and hair and cover with a hot soft cloth. Wash the hair after an hour and repeating this thrice a week can unbelievably make your hair straight.


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