Top 10 Nutrition Apps You Should Check Out Right Away April 16, 2015

Mobile apps have totally changed the way we use the internet. Today, there is an app for everything. Right from games to recipes to shopping to whatever we can think of. So here is a post on the nutrition apps that takes care of nutrition.

Let’s see the top ten apps now, shall we?

Best Nutrition Apps

1. Nutrino:

It’s been called ‘the virtual nutritionist on the go!’ This app claims to be a platform that recommends customized meal plans. It first learns your preferences and then provides menus and recipes. It keeps your diet preferences on mind. You get basic nutrition information on most recipes. It shares articles on health and nutrition and also gives substitute food options for the ones suggested. Available on: iOS.

Download here:

2. Meal Makeover:

This nutritional app features recipes that are healthy and nutrition-rich too. It offers good kid-friendly recipes. It is extremely easy to use and basic nutrition information of all recipes is shared. The app revamps familiar recipes, making them healthier. Available on: iOS.

Download here:

3. Cal Cutter:

This one takes your personal recipes and calculates calories per meal. It gives you options of how and where to cut down calories and gives you healthier cooking tips and options too. Available on: iOS, Android and Web.

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4. Fooducate:

Lose weight, keep a track of your progress, calculate nutrition and calories from each meal altogether. This app suggests good ingredients in foods and also explains why they are good. You also get healthier meal options. It scans barcode and gives all the information, even the ones that the manufacturer might not have shared – artificial sweeteners, tricks trans fat, excessive sugar fat and more. Available on: iOS and Android.

Download here:

5. Healthy out:

Now, we all treat ourselves once in a while. This app gives you the best possible dining options based on your meal preferences. It brings up the best of the healthy eating options in your area. This makes sure that you can indulge a little without worrying too much. It also suggests healthy modifications to certain dishes available in restaurants. Available on: iOS, Android.

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6. Calories check:

There are days when you want to pamper yourself and decide to give all healthy dishes a miss. Calories check is a great nutritional app for such times. It calculates calories of each item offered at most famous food chains like McDonalds, Subway, KFC and many more. Available on: Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.

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7. Cal Track:

This one is a simple calorie-calculating app. It tracks the total calories in whatever you eat. It checks your BMR and the daily calorie intake of yours. Then it suggests what to add and delete from your menu. It plans your meals as per your daily target of calorie intake. You can add calories when you eat something and delete it as your burn while exercising. Find out your total calorie intake at the end of the day. Available on: Windows phone.

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8. MyFitnessPal:

This app has been a hit since long. It can help you lose weight while keeping an eye on your nutrition intake. It even suggests exercises for killing deposited fat and has a recipe calculator too. Available on: Android.

Download here:,+Inc.&hl=en

9. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret:

Feed in all details about all the meals you consume and the app will calculate nutrition information for you. It suggests exercise regime and has barcode scanner, recipes, meal ideas, weight tracker, food diary and exercise diary too. Available on: Android.

Download here:

10. Nutri Leaf:

This app updates you with facts on foods, tips and “how-to’s” on human anatomy and body. It gives a good insight on diet, nutrition, weight watching, weight loss, pregnancy and many other things. This is a great app for understanding your body better. Available on: Windows.

Download here:

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So these are the top 10 food and nutrition apps. Let us know about any other nutrition app that you have used. You can also share your experiences with the above mentioned apps. So go grab your smart phones and start downloading.

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