Top 10 Nutritious Snacks For Kids November 9, 2016

The pressure on today’s kids keep mounting- school, homework, sports, after-school classes and hanging out with friends. With so much to do, and so little time, healthy eating is often the last thing on their minds. It is easier for them to get a hotdog or a roll, chips or easier still, a candy bar. All of these are roads that lead to indigestion and obesity. This is why healthy snacking is so important, especially to keep the kid’s metabolism up for the hectic schedule that he or she has planned for each day. Three meals are often not enough. Kids are young and get hungry easily. The answer is healthy snacking. They keep your energy levels high and your mind alert, with minimal effort.

Why is healthy snacking good for you?

The body craves for food every four hours. For the growing body of an adolescent, this time gap is shorter. These snacks are a good way to tackle your hunger without putting on the calories. They help keep energy levels soaring, supply you with the necessary nutrients and vitamins, while being light on the stomach and easier to digest. And the best part is that they are low in calories. Therefore, teen obesity, which is a constant concern among parents, is averted. Listed below are the ten best nutritious snacks for kids recipes. Read on.

Nutritious Snacks For Kids

1. Strawberry Banana Smoothie:

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Smoothies are the best fillers for evening snacks and the most nourishing substitutes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost the body’s immune system. This smoothie recipe contains strawberries and bananas. To make this, slice up ripe bananas and strawberries, and place in a blender along with milk. Add honey for sweetness and spin. Your smoothie is ready in a jiffy!

2. Asian Chicken Wrap:

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Asian food is something that is loved by most kids- the color, the taste and the tang make them all the more attractive. However, this wrap will give you all the taste of an Asian dish without the calories. Just stir fry some chicken or grill it, add some spice, add a dash of vinegar and mayo, and serve it with fresh lettuce. Your wrap is ready. This is a perfectly nutritious snack for kids!

3. Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade:

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This zingy and colorful drink is for all the hot summer months. This lemonade can be stored in the fridge and drunk as needed. To make, mix strawberries and blueberries in a mixer, and blend. Add to a jug of water along with lemon and honey. Your lemonade is ready.

4. Frozen Banana Bites:

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Cut chunks of bananas into cubes and mix with peanut butter so that it covers the cube evenly. Heat chocolate chips in the oven so that it forms a thick sauce and dunk the cubes in the sauce. Put it in the fridge immediately and leave for an hour. Your bites are ready.

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5. Striped Strawberries and Cream Popsicles (Vegan):

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To make this, blend together ten strawberries, water and stevia together. For the cream stripe, whisk together one can of coconut milk and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix well and push into Popsicle trays. Freeze and enjoy!

6. Sweet Potato Fries:

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Fries! Immediately you would think, ‘loaded with calories and fat’! Well, not these; these are healthy fries, low in cholesterol and fat. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin and full of beta carotene. Slice thinly and deep fry to enjoy. To taste, add healthy spices to fries, such as cinnamon or turmeric.

7. Apple Nachos Supreme:

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Slice apples and add lemon juice. Mix thoroughly. On a plate, add the sliced apples, chocolate chips and drizzle with hot caramel sauce. Your nachos are ready for consumption.

8. Strawberry and Banana Kebabs:

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Dice bananas and slice the strawberries. Pierce with a toothpick and enjoy.

9. Crispy Rice Peanut Butter Banana Sushi:

Dip banana dices into peanut butter and coat with rice crispies. Your sushi is ready.

10. Breakfast Bears With Peanut Butter And Berries:

Apply peanut butter on brown bread and make a bear face with berries. They make a cute breakfast!

Hope you are all set to give your kids a healthy dose of nutrition at snack time!

Video On Recipes Of Strawberry Smoothie

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