Olive oil is a well-known natural product with amazing health and skin benefits. It is highly nutritive oil that was discovered over 5000 years ago. Olive oil has amazing skin benefits and so, it naturally helps you to get glowing skin. It is said that olive oil was discovered by Egyptians. Do you know that Olive oil is considered to be a major secret behind Cleopatra’s beautiful face? If Cleopatra (who is still considered as the most beautiful woman on earth), used olive oil for her beautiful face, then this natural product must be really wonderful!

Benefits Of Olive Oil:

Olive oil is considered the closest oil to match the chemical structure of our skin’s natural oils. Apart from providing glowing and healthy skin, it also helps in fighting other skin problems such as blackheads and whiteheads. Some of the best skin benefits of olive oil are as follows:

1. Antioxidant:

Olive oil is an antioxidant. Due to this property, it helps in protecting the skin from harmful impact of free radicals which tend bring on skin aging.

2. Moisturizer:

Olive oil is used as a natural moisturizer. It maintains the skin’s elasticity and tends to keep our skin smooth, supple and glowing.

3. Cure for Blackheads & Whiteheads:

Olive oil is a natural cure for blackheads and whiteheads. With regular massage of olive oil on your face, it also shuns off scars and pimple marks from your face, thus making it glowing and fairer.

4. Hydrates Skin:

As it is a good moisturizer, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry during winters while providing it with shine and suppleness at the same time.

5. Repairs Skin Cells:

Olive oil is said to repair our skin cells naturally unlike any other expensive beauty product. It contains Vitamin E, flavonoids and poliphenols which gently remove the dirt and dead cells, making your skin healthy and glowing from within.

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These benefits of olive oil for our skin are just fabulous. Doesn’t applying olive oil to face for glow make sense now? However, make sure that you select ‘extra virgin’ olive oil when you go out looking to buy olive oil for your beauty treatment. Extra virgin olive oil is suggested for use because it is not a refined form of the oil; hence, it has all its nutritional values conserved in it.

You can use AloeVeda or Figaro olive oils. Whatever the olive oil brand it is, they show good moisturizing effect as they contain healthy fatty acids which make the skin soft and supple.

Effective Ways Of Using Olive Oil:

There are various ways of using olive oil for glowing skin. The two best ways to use it in order to reap the maximum benefits are as follows:

1. Olive oil face mask:

An olive oil face mask helps to maintain the skin elasticity, smoothness, hydration and natural glow. Take 1 tbsp olive oil, some honey and an egg yolk. Mix these firmly. Apply this paste on your face, let it stay and work for 15 minutes. Now wash it off with warm water. You will see visible results.

2. Daily Olive oil treatment:

If you have dry and patchy skin with blackheads, this treatment is a solution to your problems. Take 1 tbsp olive oil. Using your finger tips, rub it on your facial area in circular motions. Try to rub firmly over your nose, cheeks and forehead. Massage for at least 2 minutes. Now take a face cloth and dip it in hot water. The hotness of the water should be as much as you can stand. Now press and hold the face cloth firmly against your face until the water goes cold. It may take 30- 40 seconds. Now remove the cloth and rinse it using the hot water again. This time, instead of pressing the cloth, try to rub it gently all over your face while trying to remove the top layer of olive oil. Pat your face dry using a paper towel. Repeat this every morning and night. You will be able to see miraculous results within a week.

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These olive oil beauty treatments for getting naturally glowing skin are worth giving a shot. After all, you need not spend much on chemically-treated cosmetics and beauty products, and yet be able to get that appealing glow on your skin.

What’s your take on Olive Oil for skin glow? Let us know in the comments section below.

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